1st Pod Cast Question 2 (Rock Art)

This blog post contains just the 2nd proposed questions from Deidre Reigel for the “Deidre Reigel Hope and Healing Radio Show ” & my projected answers.

The following is taken from a rough draft I wrote in preparation for the Interview & was open to any changes & suggestions. We didn’t stick specifically to this as a script but it allowed me to stay on topic.

To hear the whole show for that day go to:   “Deidre Reigel Hope and Healing Interviews Tom Bailey” on YouTube if you enjoy it be sure to give it a 👍 like 👍 and subscribe for more interesting & inspiring pod casts.

Here is basically how I answered just the 2nd question:

Deidre asked the QUESTION:  Other than writing, what are some things you do that are artistic?

My Answer was: Now that I have to spend most of my time in at Geri Chair (a recliner that takes pressure off my legs, lower back & hips) I have a hard time drawing in that position but, 

where there is a will there is a way.

So,  I use a clipboard and a small manageable piece of paper to sketch, doodle & draw; however, I found that being in that position the most fun way to express myself artistically, other than writing, is decorate rocks!


 It may sound strange & different but it is great! I’ll explain,

I take smooth stones or rocks, ussual between 2 to 3 inches, and I found that I can even just use permanent markers on them and  I can use paint pens on them.

 I have to limit my time sitting in a wheelchair cause that position irritates nerves in my spine but I remember seeing people who were quadriplegic, let alone paraplegic and they would put a paintbrush in their mouth and move forward to a canvas and paint. Well,  I’m not quadriplegic I still have use of my arms and even though my legs hurt and I have to get in almost a prone position to manage my pain I am still able to hold that rock and express myself artistically on it.

The great thing is that it’s not like a big huge canvas so I can share them with people much easier. I can give them as gifts or I can even hide them in a inconspicuous place where a complete stranger can come across it. Often it brings a smile to whoever’s path it falls into. I’ve got some great stories about that alone.

I found out a few years ago there is a project or campaign called,

“Kindness Rocks” 

and the idea is to do just what I’m doing.

There are a lot of these “Rock Groups” on Facebook. Now when I say, “Rock groups”, I mean an organized social media site where people post the rocks they are creativly expressing themselves on and others posting the rock they found. Often there will be a lable on where to post a pic. of the rock you find. It’s amazing to see & follow how these rocks travel but it takes a fellow human being to place, find, post & rehide the rock. Rather than throwing a rock at an individual in order to accuse or cast judgment on them, stone them these rocks are placed to encourage them.

As I’ve mentioned some of artist even put a little label on the back of the rock the decorated that reads, “If found post on Facebook” and the name of the group.

One of my favorite groups is “St Augustine Rocks”, (note the is no “.” after “St”) which is where I call home now.

So, that’s a way I can express myself artistically and because it’s on a small rock, not in a book or on line, I’m able to share it in the real world not just in cyber space. It’s great when you can actually see the effect of it, see the smile & surprise on someones face. Even if you never see that rock again, whoever finds it doesn’t post it, I’ve enjoyed writing or drawing on it & I trust someone enjoyed coming across it’s path.

This concluded the answer to the 2nd question for the radio show.

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To hear the whole show for that day go to:   “Deidre Reigel Hope and Healing Interviews Tom Bailey” on YouTube if you enjoy it be sure to give it a 👍 like 👍 and subscribe for more interesting & inspiring pod casts.

Go with God, beetle

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