My Son’s Life and Death (Alexx Edward Bailey)

This is a menu of post regarding my son ALEXX EDWARD BAILEY.

Some of the post below are about his life, others are about his death. They are all inspired by him and some are pings back to posts he wrote.

Also included are post I wrote on how I am processing loosing him.

Here is the list:

Alexx’s Obituary

Official Cause of Death

His Final Note (including pic.s)

Alexx’s Suicide Verse

Alexx’s last words to me (text)

My words at his funeral

Heavy Music (what Alexx did with his heart)

Images (His logo reappeared)

Civil War (Mental Health Battle)

Questinons God Can’t Answer

Dreams (Loss of my son)
From his sisters:

Olivia’s Explanation (memory & tribute)

Kyri’s Keep Sake (Tribute in song)

Madi’s Music (sung a little over one month after Alexx died)

Alexx’s younger sister (Abbey) was only 9 when he died and has not written or done any videos yet but I will add something from her when she does.

22 years, 1 month and 17 days

Alexx and I both enjoyed writing, artistically creating stories we could identify with and climb into.

He was about to publish a book, one of his stories. Now his mom (Kimberly) & sisters (Kyri) are preparing it for publication.

Click here to read a story I was writing when I got the news of his death 👉Season of Jail👈 I ended up incorporating what I was going through into the story. Then, to help me keep my own sanity I wrote a sequel 👉Season of Prison.

I can and will write a lot more regarding my only son. I will be adding links to those post on this page but I also want to include here:

I’ll let him tell you what he was all about:

trying to get video appear, if not you can follow the links:

Here is a Playlist of all of Alexx’s videos👈

Alexx would have been 23 years old on May 18, 2017 but he ended his life 2 months after he just turned 22.

I look forward to being reunited with him in heaven.
In Christ, Alexx’s dad


My personal struggle with suicide

Did Tom Bailey Die?

Click 👉Suicide Prevention👈 to see what can be done.

Click 👉Suicide Fog Blog👈 to understand manic depression (bi-polar disorder) better.

👉PSYPER 👈(the book he published online) click or go to: