To Kick or Not To Kick Against The Pricks

To understand “Kicking against the pricks”; when to Kick and when to stop kicking and what this means here are post on this same subject that Christ has really been working with me on:

While WE were yet still sinners Christ died for us, talk about acceptance!

Click this word “Acceptance”, and let it click with you. If this post was helpful to you please check out any of these other post that are related to this same subject:

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👉10 min. video from Pastor Bob re: “Wounded By The Church”👈

And it all really started with the post:


I hope God uses these posts as a “mode of transportation” to help you as well in your Spiritual growth.

Remember it takes some manure, fertilizer (plug in any word you want here) to get things to grow. So, if you are knee deep in it pray as i am praying,

“Lord help me to solve the problem which lies hidden beneath my shortcomings and do not deliver me from these symptoms before i see what they mean and how you want me to grow from having gone through them in Jesus Name and for His sake.”



I put this video/music at the end of several post in the comment section because even the first few words say so much.
This is by the band “Styx”
Show Me The Way” (<—click for music)
Do you hear what i hear, the world crying out to see real authentic Jesus lived out faithfully by people they they know? Here is “DCTalk” with the song What If I Stumble
DcTalk, “What If I Stumble” (<—click for music)

We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with our actions more than from behind a pulpit on a Sunday Morning or Wednesday Night.

Need KEITH GREEN song here, “To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice.”
If you don’t laugh you’ll cry but most importantly i pray you also will learn, change constantly and grow in The Lord Jesus Christ:
Keith Green, “To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice” (<—click for music)
Whether we want to or not we are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with our actions more than from behind a pulpit on a Sunday Morning or Wednesday Night.

Head Butting Sheep (

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