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This is part of the  Prayer Journalism Series.

This post is a Bible study you can do personally or share in a small group that doesn’t necessarily place emphasis on how important it is to keep a prayer journal or How To keep one. Another post that is very similar to this one is the one on Biblical prayer. This one is a Bible study that can be done with or without a prayer journal. The prayer journal could simply be a cheap spiral note book used to keep notes on prayer.

Weather you keep a prayer journal or not here is a Bible Study specifically on prayer. For those with no place to write it down, a prayer journal would be your answer.


I would suggest you start the Bible study with this video/song or one similar to it:

You may  printed out or copied this post. I encourage you to perhaps use it as an answer key as you use the acronyms. Simply write the letters to each word vertically on a poster board or flip chart then as you plug in each word horizontally you can lead the small group.






Adoration: Heb. 13:15; Ps. 34:1-3
Confession: 1st Jn. 1:9; Ps. 32:1-6; Ps. 103:3, 11-13
Thanksgiving: Phil. 4:6-9; 1st Thess. 5:18
Supplication: James 5:13-20; Heb. 4:15-16 (intercession, petition – lift up rather                                 than put down).

While we pray we can start with adoration, then spend time in confession, move into a time of thanksgiving  (it’s not just for Thursdays once a year anymore). And conclude our prayer with supplication (this involves asking the Lord for things but not as we would build a wish list for Santa or ask a magic genie for 3 wishes. God is not our fairy godmother granting all our dreams to come true and live happily ever after. He is, however,  our loving heavenly Father and wants us to live happily ever after in eternity with Him and until then while we are on this earth to let our request be made known to Him as we keep in mind His will, His desires and His best interest, not our own.

While praying if we devote the first portion to adoration, the next part of confession, the next part on thanksgiving and end with supplication we will be sure to have a focused prayer to the Lord rather than a hazardous one said without meaning.

Jesus taught His listeners to pray. Look at Matt. 6:5-15 and break down that prayer into sections to understand how Jesus said we should pray. Internalize “The Lord’s Prayer” rather than just memorizing it.

Here are some more acronyms:

Powerful (James 5:13-18)
Rescue (Psalm 34:4; 109:21)
Answers (Matt 7:7; James 4:2; Phil. 4:6) No, Slow or go.
Yearnings (Ps. 37:4; 66:18)
Enthusiasm for Evangelism
Righteousness (Psalm 139:23-24; 84:11; 66:18)

Our P.A.R.T.:
Praise –Psalm 150
Admit -Psalm 139:23-24
Request –Psalm 5:3 (Not telling, asking)
Thanks – Phil. 4:6-9; 1st Thess. 5:18

God’s P.A.R.T.:
Prompt us –touch us, motivate us, let us know what He wants.
Admonish –discipline and convict us.
Reveal –show us, teach us thing.
Triumph –He will always win the battles we fight in prayer.

You may want to end this section with this video and song

Write these questions down and look up the Bible verses to answer them (A Prayer journal comes in handy when wanting to take notes):

What should we pray about?
Everything thing: Phil. 4:6-8

Spirit helping us: Rom. 8:26-27; Matt. 6:7-13; Ecc. 5:2

James 5:13-18; 1st Thess. 5:17; Eph. 6:18; Mk.1:35; Mk. 6:46

For Who?
Matt. 5:44; James 5:13-16

Matt. 6:5-6

Why? Here are several reasons:

  • He Deserves our prayers Ps. 30:10-12, Rev. 4:18; 5:8
  • He Demands prayers (300 times in scripture) examples Psalm 150; Heb. 13:15
  • He Dwells in prayers Ps. 22:3-5,22-26
  • He Delights in prayers Ps. 103 (Make God feel at home in our lives)
  • He Delivers through prayers Acts. 16:25

Mk.11:24, Mt.7:7, Jer. 33:3, Mt. 21:22, Jn. 14:13-14, Jn. 15:7, 1at Jn. 5:14-15

“Little prayer, little power, much prayer, much power, no prayer, no power, know prayer know power.

Prayers by Jesus as recorded in His word
(from Halley’s Bible Handbook pg. 508-509)
Luke 11:1 At baptism
Mark 1:35 In a solitary place
Luke 5:16 In the wilderness
Luke 6:12 All night, before choosing 12
Matt. 11:25-27 Before his invitation, “come unto me”
John 6:11 At the feeding of the 5,000
Matt. 14:23 After feeding the 5,000
Luke 11:1-4 The Lord’s prayer
Luke 9:18 In private
Luke 9:28-29 Before Transfiguration
Matt. 19:13 For Little Children
John 11:41-42 Before Rising Lazarus
John 12:27-28 In the temple
Matt. 26:26-27 At the supper
Luke 22:32 For Peter
John 17 For The Disciples
Matt 26:36, 39, 42, 44 In Gethsemane
Luke 23:34 On the cross
Luke 24:30 At Emmaus

I hope and pray this will be helpful to you or the group you may share this with. Please post comments on how this was useful and encouraging  to you personally or used with a group you lead.

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