Health – Mode Of Transportation

I believe that our health conditions, both good and bad can be an amazing “Mode Of Transportation” God uses to Transform us into what He wants.

We can let what seems like a catastrophe draw us closer or drive us away from. our Creator.

i recall crying, literally, balled up in pain saying,

This is not me!

and i heard The Lord whisper to my heart & mind,

It is you right now.

And so i’ve accepted this ‘condition‘ knowing that even this part of my journey in life i can & will grow, learn & mature.

Here is an index of blogs on my personal & most recent health conditions that The Holy Spirit Spirit, Sovereign God, is using as a mode of transportation to develop me into who He wants me to be, where He wants me to go, what He wants me to do and why He is allowing these things to take place in my life, as well as, how i am learning from it. The when spans back to 2012 when the ‘catastrophe’ took place:


Psalm 73:26, “my body and mind may fail me but you are my choice forever dear heavenly father thank you that you sustain our spirit forever.”

Our bodies are just like a suit we are wearing while here on earth.

Here is an


to articles on that theme. If one catches your eye I hope you’ll check it out & enjoy it. Just click on a title or follow safe link provided:

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Sexy Earth Suit


Thank you. God bless you & you, may you continue to bless God while in your own earth suit.

Extra extra-

What To Do If Having A Heart Attack

A short audio clip of the band Fresh Fire. I played with that band back in 1994. I share in vid. a little bit about my health, my son’s death and how i cope: