Moving Pictures -The Series

Where do i start? Why was i, and still am i fascinated by the band Rush? What caught me and made me a “fan”?

I am



Moving Pictures

In 1981 The band “Rush” release an album (vinyl recording) called “Moving Pictures” This band, to this day, still takes people on a musical journey with unique lyrical and musical style.

I was really young and so were they, considering their long span as a rock band that endured the years (over 40 years, same 3 guys)…


At one point this band, and members, were like idols to me. I ate, lived, slept and breathed almost in a style of worship to this band because i respected their musical ability so much. My level of commitment to this band was extremely fanatical.

As i’ve grown and allowed The Lord Jesus Christ to become my Lord, Master, Savior, i’ve realized He is the only person worthy of my time, talents and treasure.

As i focus on Him i reflect back on my life and some of the lyrics from “Moving Pictures” as well as other Rush albums, projects and songs. These songs develop a different meaning for me now.

Here, i share those thoughts.

The following are post using different Rush songs and or concepts to convey what God is saying to my heart.

Although this is not a Christian band and the drummer (Neil Peart) is an atheist, God uses this band as a mode to transport what He wants to say to me. God gave us Music, all styles, and i believe He is able to use it as a “mode of transportation. ” even when it is not performed by people who believe in Him. I BELIEVE:


Follow the series (Click on any of the titles below):

Closer To The Heart

Natural Science

Camera Eye

Jacob’s Ladder

Witch Hunt


All The World’s A Stage

Living In The Limelight

Different Strings

Distance Early Warning

One Little Victory
Stay tuned for more post…

VIDEO OF Lyricist, Author, Percussionist Neil Peart’s take, track by track, The Original Moving Pictures album-

Singer Geddy Lee on singing the lyrics:

Christian Rock Band I think sounds as much like Rush as possible:


An informative video about Rush & the Philosophy behind their music:

I’ve also written a book review on Neil Peart’s book Far and Away a prize every time

27 thoughts on “Moving Pictures -The Series

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  7. Capturing a Bigger picture that moves me through some Rush songs. These are my personal opinions, more than likely not original intended meanings of these songs.

    I do, however strongly agree that RELIGION can kill a relationship with our creator more than many other forces in this world.

    For me organized religion (man made and governed) can be so harmful and work against God’s intended will to develop a relationship with us.

    This is why i write and as a local officer in The Salvation Army do my best to lead people to a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ not to be part of some religious group or organization that leaves God out of the picture and tries to manipulate and eventually mutilate its members.



    THE HOLY SPIRIT IS MY JUDGE AND JURY (The comforter and convictor)


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