Rock Decorating 

Now that i’ve written a few post on the subject it’s time i make a page highlighting an index of those articles:

Let me start with a type of “Rock Poem” i saw on the page of one of the many social media groups of people who enjoy painting, hiding & looking for rocks others hid.

Some people get frustrated when they spend hours creating art on simple rocks, lableing them with a note on where to post a pic. if found, taking time to place them in public (hide them in plain sight), then become obsessed with looking on social media for someone to repost a picture, just to never see a post.

I rewrote the poem a bit and feel it states well the attitude i like to take.

Rock Poem

I’m not JUST a rock.                      You’ve poured your artistic expression onto me.                       Then you sent me on a journey to share kindness & inspire smiles!   Paint more. Hide more.       Somebody will find me.                Don’t worry if you never see me again.                                                     All who wander are not lost.

Index to publications on ministry of decorating rocks:

I’ve also found intrest in folding 3×5 inch cards, doing art on them & giving them to people I meet. Here is a post on that: 3×2 1/2 inch Art From My Heart