3×2 1/2″ Art from My Heart

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the guy pickin’ up dry, dieing starfish and throwin’ them back into the ocean. When another person came along and said, “WHY would you BOTHER to do that? There are hundreds of starfish up here on land and you’ll never make a difference. YOU’LL NEVER MAKE A DIFFERENCE!” The first man picked up another starfish and, like the others, he hurler it back into the ocean and replied, “It made a difference to that one.” ☝ 

Perhaps you & i can’t help a million people in one day & if we try we exhaust ourselves but we can treat at least one person like they are one in a million.

I started doing art on these 3×5 cards (folded to 3×2 1/2″) and sharing them from my heart one on one with friends, family & even strangers i meet.

One the inside of this one i wrote that story about the starfish. 🌟

I plan on printing out the “Footprints” poem (3×5 size) so i can glue it on the inside of one i do with a foot print drawing on the front.

Here are a few other i’ve done. On the inside some times i just write a short phrase of kindness & encouragement or just one word. It’s my hope & prayer that as i share this art from my heart it will help other.

FIRST let me slip in a pic. of my brand SPANKIN’ new great nephew “Finley Jett Yates”. He is 1 in a million and so are you.

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