Rocks Cry Out

Not only kids but people of all ages in life, if they pay attention to their surroundings, will come across all kinds of interesting people, places and things.

After decorating rocks, putting my heart into it, pouring a lil’ piece of my soul into it I turn it loose into the world rather than just let it sit in my own house or garden.

Sometime people need a little reminder of kindness, a simple gift, a surprise found, a picture or a few written words reminding them, “Every lil’ thing gonna be alright.”

Some messages are written with words. Some in picture form. Some have both. Some make bold statements, others just simply make them smile.

Some represent the country and state I am from.

We see rocks everywhere.

I recall The Son of God claiming if people stopped praising Him the rocks would cry out (what we call Palm Sunday Luke 19:40).

Decorated rocks are a reflection of the person who decorated them and whatever is painted in design or written with words is going to speak to someone.

It is going to feed them.

I’m reminded that God meets all our needs (Matt. 6:26) and one of those needs is love & kindness.

Some rocks look as real as I can make them but nothing compared to what the original creator designed  (Genesis1:25; 1 Sam. 2:2).

Others are just silly but can still remind me to F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely On God).

For me nature has always been evidence to personally R.O.C.K. (Rely On Christ Kid) and to build my life & stand/live on Christ, The soild Rock (Matt. 7:24).

Some give tribute.

When we pick up a rock perhaps we are reminded that we are all human and no one can throw the first stones (John 8:7).

Some rocks are left behind and remain in one place. Others are carried around and given away. It may exchange hands again & again or be hid & rehid, a traveling rock, that will end up who knows where or amazingly back into your vicinity.

They remind others that we met.

They remind others of the time you shared while with them or they are found after you are gone and the person finding them will always remember the place where they found it and take a little piece of what you left behind.

Sometimes they can be followed up on, tracked and give you a common bond.

They show character.

They remind us of other things we see in nature, more real & alive things.

They can make us feel warm inside our hearts.

I just hope people will enjoy the ones i decorate as much as i enjoy decorating them.

They are not left behind where people will trip on them. They are left in a safe place where I have travelled myself (Psalm 91:11-12).

It is my hope & personal prayer that in some way my Creator will use what He allows me to create in a way that will help heal someone else (Psalm 34:18).

Personally I follow the directions & guidance from Christ not force my belief on others but share it with them and let them decide if they want to hold on to it or not just like the rock itself (Matt. 4:19).

It is amazing what a rock can do but first you have to do something with the rock.

One may ask, “How can 1 lil’ stone help be with all the giant problems in my life?!”

To that I reflect back on the account, you may remember also, of one little boy…David

1 stone. 1 Throw. 1 Dead Giant. 

Although he had several just 1 stone did the job in his defense.

Rock Poem:

I’m not JUST a rock.

You’ve poured your artistic expression onto me.

Then you sent me on a journey to share kindness & inspire smiles!

Paint more. Share more.

Somebody will find me.

Don’t worry if you never see me again.

All who wander are not lost.

Keep rockin’, beetle



  • Lk. 19:40 (rocks cry out)
  • Mt. 6:26-34 (God provides)
  • F.R.O.G. = Fully Rely On God
  • R.O.C.K. = Rely On Christ Kid
  • 1st Sam. 2:2 (no rock like our God)
  • Jn. 8:7 (you without sin throw)
  • Jn.8:10(where are your accusers?)
  • Mt. 7:24 (built on rock)
  • Ps. 91:11-12 (Angels/stone)
  • Ps. 34:18 (heals broken heart)
  • Mt. 4:19 (…fishers of men…you catch em’ God cleans em’)
  • David & Goliath (1 Stone. 1 Throw. 1 Dead Giant.)
  • Gen. 1:25 (creator)
  • Ps. 27:1 (light)
  • Ps. 18:28 (light)
  • Ps. 18:31 (God, solid rock)
  • Mt. 6:21 (where your treasure it)

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