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The Everlasting Wonka (Unedited Final Draft)

Final Draft The Everlasting Wonka (Unedited)

🔸This is my attempt to take the writings of Roald Dahl and continue on with an idea of what might take place following his “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”and “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.”

Audio Version of “The Everlasting Wonka”

“Fair Science” — a short story of a weird, crazy but brilliant scientist, Dr. Rooosha, invites three children into his mansion and his mind.

👉Fair Science Audio Book👈

Fair Conscience -Sequel to the story Fair Science The U.S. President gives Dr. Rooosha a visit, searching for answers.

“The Park” — a short story about 3 boys who sneak into an abandoned amusement park and discover that it has a mind of its own. This is the first in a 3 book series.

The Park Audio Book

My book, The Park, is also now published by someone other than just me. Go to:

Zoo BoyZ – sequel to The Park. This book takes you to ZOO Island, a remote, abandoned place where four coming of age boys uncover many things they wish they would have left well enough alone. (Full book in draft form only right now. Find unedited version on my blog:

Zoo Boyz Audio Book:
(Total audio recording time of Zoo BoyZ: 9hr.s 16min. 50sec.)

Kideaters Vs. The Zoo BoyZ In this 3rd part of the series the four coming of age boys are called back to Zoo Island for a mission. If they fail they break the terms of their parole. If they succeed they will learn that the worst animal of all may possibly be mankind themselves. Series includes The Park, The Zoo BoyZ and this one (Kideaters Vs. The Zoo BoyZ) In unedited form only right now:

“Bite To The Bone” -A bit more serious and more of a Sci-fi thriller drama is the story…”Bite To The Bone” -a short story about a scientist who discovers that mixing spider webs with tiny glass beads create some new material used to grow and repair human bones; however, it also leads to some unexpected complications!

Bite To The Bone Audio Book

“Image Nation” (very short story, just a 10 min. read, about me and my 5 children)

The Soul of Dr. Rooosha” –The main character from the story, “FAIR SCIENCE” goes soul searching with his friends and employees.

The Soul Of Dr. Rooosha Audio Book

“Toy Town” – A short story about a curious little cottage in a small town and what mysteries it holds.

Toy Town Audio Book

“Billy The Tree Climber” – a simple, yet magnificently complex, short story of a boy who was destine to climb a tree in order to experience the journey of a life time.

Billy The Tree Climber Audio Book

Abandoned Retreat -A man’s Internet radio broadcast is his link to the world from his mountain side cabin away from the world.

“The Chief Physician”4 short stories combined that are allegorical illustrations and metaphorical in nature.

“Unusual Camp Out” (1st rough draft, still writing this one)

“Shipwreck Charlie F.R.O.G.” -The extremely short story about a frog who goes from riches of one kind to riches of another.

Shipwreck Charlie Audio Book

Background & Meaning to Shipwreck Charlie Story -explaining some of the metaphors in that story.

For complete YouTube playlist👉My STORY TIME AUDIO BOOKS👈 or cut & paste into your browser:

One of my shortest “short stories” is A Journey Worth Journaling

3 Men and a Baby (written version)

Links to Stories:
For a YouTube playlist of me reading several of my stories go to: .
(Written version of Zoo BoyZ in edit)
  • A Journey Worth Journaling:

Here are a few being told, not read:

3 Men & One Baby Boy (being told) Part 1 Part 2

The Wide Mouth Frog (being told with special effects)

Alternate Ending of The Wife Mouth Frog (being told)

The above are all short stories (15,000 words, some more some less) other than Zoo BoyZ (69,000 words pre-edit) those below here are closer to being considered novels (40,000 words, more or less).

“SEASON OF JAIL” (1st edit)
The sequel “SEASON OF PRISON” is now complete and in 1st edit form.

(Those two above are about how a Romans 12 Christian applies his lifestyle even while in Jail and then in prison)

I’m still doing all of my writing from my cell phone and sometimes have to split up posts into parts.

Revisit this page for an ongoing index of Stories I am publishing online.

Coming soon:

Zoo BoyZ (for written version in unedit form go to:

Unedited reading is above (YouTube playlist).

“SLAYING THE DRAGON”/Drag On Dragon (still in draft)

The telling of The Crooked Mouth Family

“It Is Written” (still in draft form)

Sometimes we just gotta write. Many times it may just be a seed thought or idea. I don’t consider myself a great writer but I do have concepts that may inspire people with the gift to take things further.

In honor and in memory of My son Alexx (a.k.a. Pressing Words) I started pulling together what I could to put online for others to see, unfinished or not. The week of his death he asked me to do this and encouraged me to get what I have typed out and finalized online as well. This will take time.

We were also looking for a publishing company and there was an illustrator that was working with Alexx to finalize Alexx’s last project. Go to: to read Alexx’s book published online. “Psyper

I also hope my daughters Kyri, Olivia, Madi and Abbey (his sisters) will not only enjoy writing like I do but share it boldly, without fear, hesitations or limitations. Alexx set a great example. Now he rests in peace and we enjoy what he left behind.

“In Due Time” (Another Story Alexx had just begun) 👈that one we were going to write together.

My stories or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise – without prior written permission of the publisher.
My stories are a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or businesses in practice, are purely coincidental. The views expressed here are my own, as are whatever factual errors exist in the text.


“Come Jesus Come”

“Heard The Bird”

Array & Decay (the poem)

Traveling Friend (with video art)

We Recall

“I Fought A Dragon” (still in draft form)


Beetle’s Art (Facebook Group):

Wood Burning 👈click that for post.

Here are a few pictures- this first one is one of my son’s skin art (tattoos).

Go to: My Temple Of God (for posts & pictures of my son’s tattoos/skin art)
I’m working on posts featuring my own skin art (post & pic.s coming soon)

Below is one of my son’s last pieces of art:

Below is one of my doodles


I post some of my drawing and art on Instagram under: tombeetlebailey

Click any of the following to see more of my art & how I use it.

3×2 1/2 inch art cards

Rock Decorating


Music is another way I have always expressed myself. The follow audio/videos feature me and a few friends (a collection of some music I’ve been part of over the past few years)-

Barricade (Barrick, Bailey & Angel) :

Barricade :

Fresh Fire “Know The Saviour”

Fresh Fire (Instumental sound check/warm up):

My years of Rock music & testimony (Ft. Fresh Fire Audio):

“Sunshine” by Fresh Fire:

“King Nazarene ” by Fresh Fire/Street Side Sally:

“Witnesser” by Street Side Sally:

“Teen Christian” by Street Side Sally:

“Closer To The Flame” by Fresh Fire:

Fresh Fire -Edited Full Concert (Miami Sunset):

Here are some videos/audio of some of my more recent Solo work on my Octapad SPD-30

Explanation of how I Play now:

Toto Shuffle:

3 Lil’ Birds arrangement:

Christmas Arrangement:

Crazy Army Man 1 (composition):

C.H.S. (musical composition/tribute):

I’ll be adding to this page as I write, draw and play.