1st Pod Cast Question 1 (Writing)

This blog post contains just the 1st proposed questions from Deidre Reigel for the “Deidre Reigel Hope and Healing Radio Show ” & my projected answers. I’m splitting, breaking up, each question & answer into individual posts. A link to each one will be provided at the end.

The following is taken from a rough draft I wrote in preparation for the Interview & was open to any changes & suggestions. We didn’t stick specifically to this as a script but it allowed me to stay on topic.

To hear the whole show for that day go to: “Deidre Reigel Hope and Healing Interviews Tom Bailey” on YouTube If you enjoy it be sure to give it a 👍 like 👍 and subscribe for more interesting & inspiring pod casts.

Not everyone is a “Celebrity” but we can all celebrate & be celebrated

In this interview I celebrated Deidre & she celebrated me. This interview was an opportune time to share through the air waves what I have done & what I am doing after experiencing various metephorical ship wrecks in my life. 

What happens 


There is no doubt I’ve faced obsticals but I try to stay focused on the opportunities those oppositions present.

For a very short children’s story I wrote with this in mind go to👉Shipwreck Charlie F.R.O.G.“👈

And now, here is basically how I answered just the 1st question Deidre asked in that radio show broadcast: 

Dedire asked: Your blog, is filled with stories & articles you hope will encourage others. How does writing effect & help you?

Drawn by my 14 year old daughter Olivia and super imposed onto a book as if it could be the cover for my biography.

My answer: Writing, just as reading what someone has written, can be an escape.

There are some circumstances in life that we can not control but when you are writing you have the opportunity to be in control.

For example, if you’re writing fiction you can put yourself there rather than where you are and your mind can go to the time period, the place (environment) and be surrounded by characters that you’re writing about.

If you’re writing non-fiction you’re able to write what you know and tell your perspective of things.

If you write about other people, compose a biography, it takes the focus off of you and you can think about them as you write.

If you write about yourself, an autobiography, it gives you a chance to be honest and perhaps even discover things that you didn’t know about yourself or never really thought about in detail before. 

I’ve been working on that myself (an autobiography) and it is very revealing & even difficult at times because as I’m writing it I’m coming to an acceptance of the way things really are, admitting mistakes & learning from those poor decisions as well as from victories in my own life.

My blog gives me the platform to express myself and share these things with other people. 

Although my handicap makes it hard I’m able to use my phone and I type everything, on my phone!  I use it just as if I was sitting at a desk with a compter keyboard. I love how I am able to write anywhere anytime. Many people will use a lap top in the same manner or simple carry a handwritten journal & a pen to capture things and create things in the form of written words.

I consider writing a type of art and it is something you can invest in regardless of how much money you have. There are many forms of art & writing is just one that has helped me process my life & the world around me. I’m not sure exactly how but it sure works!

This was just the 1st of a few questions Deidre asked & I was blessed to be able to answer.

I’m going to do a seperate post for each question & answer. To read the next on go to 

👉 “1st Pod Cast Question 2” (on art)

👉 “1st Pod Cast Question 3 (regarding still playing the Drums)”

👉 “1st Pod Cast Question 4” (re: what I hope to accomplish)

👉“1st Pod Cast Question 5” (About Mental Health)

👉“1st Pod Cast Question 6” (Rhonda B.’s. Bath Remedies & me)

To hear the whole show for that day go to: “Deidre Reigel Hope and Healing Interviews Tom Bailey” on YouTube If you enjoy it be sure to give it a 👍 like 👍 and subscribe for more interesting & inspiring pod casts.

Go with God, beetle

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