Come apart before you fall apart

Come apart before you fall apart
We all have burdens, we all have stress and that drives us but there is a point when we feel that even on vacation we are carrying a load.
Some things stick with us and we cannot seem to shake them or leave them behind.
We try to “LET IT GO” but it is like a heavy back pack (Pilgrims Progress).
Let that just remind me that I am still a man in need of a savior (DC Talk song “In The Light”)
I want to get across the point in this devotional that  whatever we are  carrying & wherever we go,

Psalm 139:7-18
(this also leads to our attention being put on Him rather than on our problems or circumstances. When we realize we have a Big GOD our problems are small. Don’t sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff. If we fail to realize how BIG GOD is and think of Him, even for a second as small, our problems become way to big, we cannot bear them.
1st Pe. 5:7
Lk. 10:38-42
Mk. 6:31
Ps. 46:10

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