Automatic Everything?

Got my hair cut yesterday and honestly wondered if in the future are they going to have a thing you put your head in that will give you a buzz cut.
Think about it. We live in a day and age and country where almost everything is done for us or to help us accomplish things faster and better than if we did it by hand.
We have ovens that will turn on and cook while we are at church. Right now, if this is used as part of a Sunday morning message people are thinking about their roast.
We have machines that wash our clothes.
We have pre-cooked food we just heat up.
Some people have a vacuum that does the floor on its own and I’ve heard that there are lawn mowers like that now.
My 3 little girls are so use to automatic soap, sinks and paper towel dispensers that I had to show them how to get all 3 by hand (funny story…they went up to the soap and waved their hands under it but nothing came out. They did the same to the faucet at the sink and then to the paper towels).
But regardless of what it is that we do, want or need there is still something we need to actually do to get results.
A simple calculator will not add on its own we have to punch in the numbers we want it to add. A smart phone won’t call someone until we tell it who we are trying to call and say it just the right way so it calls the person we are actually trying to reach. (funny story…”call Rhonda!” Did you say, “I drive a Honda?” “no! Call Rhonda !” Did you say, “Banana?” “WHAT? NO!” …you know what I mean)
God’s grace is not automatic. It is personal and takes belief and asking for it. It is free and it flows none stop but we must ask with a sincere heart, true belief and submission. When we are honest with ourselves and submit to God, surrender to His Lordship it is then He is able to come in and help us be who and what He wants us to be.
God will help us want to do His will –and then empower us to do what He wants done. Philippians 2:13 “For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His purpose.” HE is our righteousness. Without Him we can do nothing. When HIS will and HIS way supersedes ours we find true pleasure in Him and living our lives for Him.
Matt. 7:-8 Luke 11:9 Knock and the door will be open. Are you asking God to come in? Are you seeking, asking, knocking? The door of our heart doesn’t just open automatically, no one steps on a mat and it opens hands free, we measure who is at the door first. (funny story…my aunt was a missionary and when she finally came back to the states she went to walk into a store and the door open automatically…she fell on her face thinking she had to push it).
Our phones tell us who is calling in. We look at the caller I.D. and see if it is someone we want to even talk to. It is the same thing when we meet people or get offered different opportunities. We consider if we want to participate or have them interact with us in our lives and if they are, THEN we open up and say, come on in, let’s talk.
James 4:7-8 “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you…” We have to respond to God and resist the devil.
Although we all make mistakes we all know that for every action there is a reaction. There are consequences for every decision we make and follow through with. We must actively seek the Lord. We don’t grow in God’s will if we only follow our own will. If we are selfish in our desires and attitude that crowds God out of our lives and He can’t be Lord if we don’t let Him.
God is all powerful but He doesn’t force Himself on us. He wants us to have a love relationship with Him not some type of automatic religion that through obligation makes us His and Him ours. It is not by works less any man should boast.
Remember the hose you ran over at the gas station and it would set off a bell to let the attendant know your there…Rev. 3:20 Jesus is knocking on the door of our heart, won’t you let Him in? The attendant wasn’t a machine, they responded to the customer when the bell went off because they wanted to please the customer and their boss. They would come out and do everything they could, pump the gas, check the oil, check other fluid levels, check the air in the tiers, clean your windshield. When we hear God’s call we too should respond like that, let Him move and motivate us to do whatever He wants us to, many times He wants us to do something for ourselves in His name or something for others but there are also many times He is wanting our attention just to have fellowship with Him and out of that fellowship grow spiritually, reach others for Him and bless His holy name.

The main challenge of this devotional is to spur us on to develop Christ’s Lordship in our lives and realize that our relationship with Him is not automatic. We must nurture and cultivate the seeds of His Word in our lives. Scripture: 1st Cor. 3:2 I gave you milk, not solid food; Heb. 5:12 You need milk, not solid food!; 1st Pe. 2:2 babies, crave pure spiritual milk.

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