Steps -Walking With God (Home School Sunday School)

Walking With God

When I visit with my 4 daughters (Abigail 12, Madilyn 13, Olivia 15, and Kyri 27) I share a variety of things.

I always prepare a Sunday School type lesson we can all feast on at home.

On this visit (Dec. 2019 going into 2020) I brought several 3×5 cards with 👣 footprints 👣 drawn on them featuring Bible verses about walking with God.

Here is the original post that inspired it:

Here are the results:

I hide cards like these all around the house (36 of them).

When found they read the verse then kept it, shared it, or hid it inside or outside of the house for someone else to find.

Because there were magnets on the back we were able to put them on the metal doors of neighbors that live in my parents community.

Here is another article I wrote about walking with God: