God Pleaser Finding Favor CHRIST MASS

But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God.
Luke 1:30 NIV

From: Superbook: The First Christmas

As I read day 1 & 2 of “Superbook: The First Christmas • Devotional

What stood out to me were 3 simple yet deep thoughts. In short:

  1. How Christmas can be perceived when you are a believer & Christ’s Spirit lives in you.
  2. How Mary found favor in the eyes of The Lord (much like Noah)
  3. How faithful & true God is to His Living Word.

Here is day two of the 5 day reading plan from “Superbook: The First Christmas

God Keeps His Promises

Promises are a big deal, right? When someone makes a promise to do something and fails to do it, it hurts. You feel more than irritated, you feel betrayed. That person broke their promise to you.

Did you know that God never, ever breaks a promise? All through the Bible, you will see that time after time God kept the promises he made, even when others did not. In fact, the Christmas story is one of those times God kept his promise.

In today’s video, the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. Gabriel came with some incredible news. God was about to keep his biggest promise ever, his promise to send a Savior for all people. Mary couldn’t believe God was going to use her to fulfill this promise, but Gabriel assured her it was true. Mary trusted God because she knew he keeps his promises.

People can let you down. People can break their promises to you. Sometimes it will be an accident, sometimes not. Yet God will never break his promises to you. Let Christmas remind you that God keeps his promises, just like he did when he sent Jesus to be our Savior.


God, let Christmas remind me of your faithfulness. Let me see through your gift of Jesus how you keep your promises. Help me to trust you with everything. Amen.

Discover More

Learn more about Mary and Joseph! Watch a special Superbook Academy video about the Biblical prophecies that predicted Jesus’ birth. Watch at www.cbn.com/SuperbookChristmasDevo

Luke 1:26-38

Isaiah 7:14

Micah 5:2

The lights, the tree, the words to the carols, along with all the things we see and hear this time of the year will have a whole new meaning as we ask for God’s presence in our hearts.

Go with God, beetle

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