Dear Christian,

We share because of our personal experience.
We share because we care.
We share because Christ shared with us & wants us to do the same as He has done.

Link to article “Non-Believer, Part 1” from the blog, “Those Who Sin Differently”:

Those Who Sin Differently

Imagine that you found the perfect food at a nearby restaurant.  It’s something new, with a name that you’re not sure how to pronounce, and – at first – you have to point at the menu to indicate what you want to order, because you don’t know how to pronounce it.  This lunch is so great, though, that you go out to get it once or twice a week, and always order the same thing.  The servers – and even the manager of the restaurant – get to know you by name, and welcome you with, “The usual, today?” (saving you from the awkward menu-pointing).  The taste is so great that you can’t wait to make room in your schedule to stop by and order more food, but the meal is so filling that each time you finish one, even though you want more, your stomach forces you to to…

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