Next Steps

One & Done? As a follow up to walking with God ( this post by a fellow blogger is perfect.

In order to make any progress going anywhere we don’t take just one step & stop.

On that note 🎶, check this out:

Those Who Sin Differently

The story is told of a young boy who went to his first day of school.  That evening, when asked how it went, he gave a positive report about his activities that day.  The follow-up question, “What did your teacher tell you about tomorrow’s class?”, caught him off-guard, though.  He replied, “You mean I have to go back?”

Many good things in life don’t provide much benefit if we stop after one session.  One workout at the gym isn’t going to make us fit.  One visit to the doctor isn’t enough to ensure that our body remains in good health.  Going to work for a single day won’t provide a lifetime of earned income.  Giving helpful advice to our children on just one occasion won’t prepare them for adulthood.

Unfortunately, I think that some people treat their relationship with God in this way.  They accept Jesus’ offer of salvation, and…

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