What I Want What I Really Really Want

My peace & joy come from my hope & faith in Christ.

Ocationally you’ll come across the path of a person who renews your trust & faith in humanity.

In the same way if we come to an encounter with Christ our trust & faith in God is renewed.

The Apostle Paul had an encounter with Christ, after Jesus rose from the dead & had already ascended to heaven. At that time Paul was known as as Saul (the Christian Killer). He made it his personal mission to kill anyone who still believed & followed the example Christ had set. As a result he (Saul)

  • went completely blind for a while,
  • was given his sight back
  • Came to faith in Christ (made Him his Lord & Master)
  • was put in prison and
  • wrote many letters (like this one to the Philippines).

What a difference an encounter makes. Saul became Paul and, in time, a complete transformation took place.

For me, each morning, I feel the need to carve out time to just be one on one with The Holy Spirit then I let Him keep on filling me, living in Him & letting Him live through me throughout my day.

There are always distractions & my own short comings:

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually

But I press on & rely on Him, not my own behavior or merit. It’s all about His abilities, not mine, His grace (giving me what I don’t deserve) & His mercy (not giving me the punishment I do deserve).

Many times I’ll play a song that really helps. Here is one of those:

Anothing thing that helps me is reading & listening to God’s Word. With my cell phone I am able to let God call me so that I can just listen. That sounds strange perhaps but how I do this is through the YouVersion Bible app. on my phone. It has

  • many translations of the Bible
  • Reading plans
  • Audio (ppl. reading it)
  • Studies on topics

I write here in my blog to help me in my walk with Christ & as a means, a mode of transportation, to share my faith with others.

I personally believe that the best way to follow & keep following Christ is to let His Words sink into me.

Getting into the Word of God & letting His Word get into me.

What I want, what I really really want, is to be the type of Christian Romans 12 talks about.

I’ll conclude this article with this recommendation:

Always remember, you aren’t alone.

For more guidance pointing to Christ

click 👉Devotional👈
Or go to: https://bible.com/reading-plans/12581/day/1?segment=0

May God bless & keep us as we walk with Him. God bless you and you, keep blessing God.

Love, with 1st Corinthians 13 type love, beetle

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