Snake In The Bed Snake In My Head (Back Yard Tales)

As I went to lay down on the lounger we keep on our back porch, I saw a snake. 🐍!

Why was there a snake on my day bed? Several reasons, just to name a few:

  • It’s outside
  • Holes in our screens
  • The sun comes in there very nicely for him to sun himself (same reason I like it)

I was still shocked and taken back. So what did I do? What was my reaction? How did I react while I was creeped out?

Well, before he could get away, something I hoped would happen sooner than later, I immediately whipped out my phone, took a bunch of pic.s, then shared it on social media.

That is when it really struck me how great it is to have the technology that enables us to do these kind of things but, on the other hand, if we do it obsessively it can have a negative effect.

Taking pic.s & sharing was not going to let my mind escape even though the snake did.

In this “snake situation” just seeing this 6 foot slithering creature gave me the gitters, the heebee jeebees, the….shi~i~i~ivers, as if it was wrapped around my shoulders and I could not get it off of me. I had to tell myself that he was more afraid of me than I was of him.

Once he did slink his way through a tiny gap between the screen & the structure, away from me, I went on to posting and share pictures of him.

The more I Shared & looked at the pic.s I was sending the more the racing thoughts began to overcome me, as if he was still there!

As if images in my own mind were not bad enough for me I willingly and literally held onto this horror by continually looking over the pictures I held in the palm of my hand (on my cell phone).

My point is that it is easy for me to set my mind on things that trouble me.

Then, as I shared with those in the social media world they chimmed in with their thoughts, their experiences, their expressions and info. on what kind of snake it was, the advice to kill it or let it live.

I recognized what knowledgeable advice I consider helpful or harmful to me and to the snake by considering the source, who was it that told me what to do or not do.

That social media frenzy wasn’t something people would consider “viral”, effecting the masses, but it was a small virus that only brought me more disturbing thought, not comfort.

Even with the trust worthy advice from a friend who owns the same kind of snake as a pet confirmed that I was not in any danger I STILL FELT UNEASY to say the least, heart rate up, adrenaline coursing thru my body. Oh yeah, freakin’ out!

The only way for me to return to a normal, calm state of mind was to stop fixating on it.

The page this snake put me on was a rampage.

Posting it where others could see it only led my mind further into a frantic panic, even long after the snake was long gone I still pictured it right there next to my lounge chair.

The state my mind was traveling to was the ‘state of confusion’.

My body remained in a fight or flight mode as I layed where the snake had once been. All threats were over and it was a thing of the past yet it still tried to rent a space in the forefront part of my mind right now.

As we create or just view and pursue viral trends, videos, memes and more that others create may we learn to

take our minds off what is viral and put our minds back on what is vital.

The Lord tells us to seek 1st The Kingdom of Heaven (Mt.6:33).

I love a good GOD FIXATION πŸ‘ˆ click for a great song on the subject by classic Christian Rock artists, Petra

May you also be able to set your mind on things that really matter. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus who leads the way.

Dwelling on negative things from our past or a pessimistic perspective of our present can keep us from moving into a better future.

Yes, there are snakes on the playground, in our yards, perhaps even on a chair or bed we’d normally go to for rest & relaxation. In spite of all that, in Christ we can rest assure He bruised, crushed, and danced on the head of the serpent and we are safe in His care.

For another allegory where I wrote figuratively about πŸ‘‰ Keeping The Creeps Out πŸ‘ˆ click there or cut and pasted the following into your search bar:


If you’re interested in the second thought that went through my mind go to: πŸ‘‰ “Journal -private or public” Where I consider what we should share & what is best left private, not shared with the world wide web in order to spare us & others.

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