Journaling -Private or Public

In this day & age that offers every opportunity to share, share, share on social media perhaps we need to give a li’l more consideration as to what we make public and what we keep private.

This article can stand on its own but it is a continuation of thoughts I shared in an article called👉”Snake In The Bed Snake In My Head“👈click here to go there if you want to read the 1st thought. In summary of that I had taken picture of a snake & shared it on social media. Capturing it that way only enhance the creepy thought of having a snake that close to me.

The initial thought of how technology enables us to share words & photographs went a little deeper so I split it into these two parts.

Social media, and the Internet in general, can be a healthy way to grow & enhance a sense of community for us. It can also enable our unhealthy habits & tendencies too.

Posting pictures, opening up an opportunity for others to give their opinions, looking over, “all things snakey” only encouraged my mind to dwell on that creature.

Although it is fun to share thing, sometimes it’s better to just make some personal notes & move on.

One way I do that is by journaling.

One of my hard back journals I use as a Vent journal. It is for my eyes only. It is there that I feel free to bitch & complain about the manure (fertilizer for future growth) in my life. I don’t hold anything back. I don’t choose my words wisely in fear that anyone else will be offended by what I express.

Sometimes we need to keep some things private. The whole world doesn’t need or want to hear how bad things are for us but my “vent journal” allows for that. I write it & leave it there, not carrying it around with me like luggage & letting it effect my behavior, not continuously dwelling on things that try to weigh me down, weeds that try to choke me out or stunt my growth.

I write this in order to consider what I keep private & what I share publicly.

I’m all for the benifits vulnerability offers but some things really are T.M.I (too much information). It’s up to us to try to edit out what is no one else’s business.

Only we can determine what is worth journaling about at all. I ask myself, “What should I be giving thought to and what could be written & worth sharing?”

I use to keep a Daytimer/daily planner to keep & find important info., appointments, meetings, b-days & other dates I didn’t wanna miss.

Now, as of late, I continue to keep journaling as I’ve done since I was 8 yrs old (since 1976); however, journaling for me is a way, a place where I can think things over, perhaps at times over think things, but always come out the other end having crossed another bridge, making progressive steps forward, documenting somethings & processing other things but always, eventually resolving things in my life.

Don’t over think things; think things over.

Perhaps some of those resolutions can be of help to others, maybe some are best left private & just for me. Either way I share here, toss this out into cyberspace, message in a modem , like a message in a bottle for anyone who may come across it, as you have just now.

There is no doubt that God uses people and that we need to be willing to let Him use us but we are just instruments, we are not the source, God is.

The main point is that as I write it helps me personally work through various things, set my mind on the subjects of my life and give me a place to go but somethings are just person, too private to share & not intended for anyone else.

It is deciding what to keep private or share with the general public that can be difficult.

If you’re interested in journaling or currently keep a journal may this be an encouragement to think of your journal as a place, not a thing or an action, but an actual place that you can go to.

As important as it is to go through & work through issues, events & circumstances, we all need a private place we can go to be alone, self-evaluate, process things without anyone else commenting, putting their two cents worth in (which many times is simple just their opinion that they think is invaluable information).

As we Journal we can acknowledge the snakes, expose them but use a journal as a place to put our minds back at ease, manageable and set back on what really matters.

Key verses: Phil. 4:8-10

Snakes in the playground by Bride:

Time to “Write Right Now” -beetle

Note: I tried writing this post using a tablet for the first time, rather than on my cell phone. Unless I install the wordpress app. on the tablet (which I will do) writing in the gerneral wordpress edit is much more difficult. I went back to using my phone to finish this article.

For what it may be worth to you, thanks for reading.

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