Say It With Music (Addey by DeGarmo & Key)

“Addey” Lyrics
by DeGarmo & Key from the album “Rock Solid: Absolutely Live”

Intro: “Want to do a song about a girl. Jesus Christ called her name – she resisted that voice, and consequently she threw away a lot of valuable years of her life. Her name was Addey.

Addey’s a cat, she’s a fool, she’s a star, she’s a queen,
She lives in a trap down on 3rd, never heard, never seen,
Oh, she’s desperate for a way to get out; she don’t know what “out” means,
Addey, don’t you be so afraid; it’s not as bad as it seems.

She walks ‘cross the floor, toward the door, to stairs to the street,
She calls up a cab for downtown, there’s a man she must meet,
Oh, the thought of what she’s got to go through makes her cry to be free,
Addey, wipe those tears from your eyes; you wouldn’t want him to see.

So she puts on a face with a smile as she walks through the door,
She thinks of her folks and her home, and what she came there for,
She tells the man, after this time she won’t be back for more,
He says, “Huh, Addey, don’t you be a fool; you said that time and time before.”

It’s alright,
I can hear him say…

Can I hear you say….

She runs down the street, in the heat, down past Nowhere Cafe.
She drops to her knees ‘neath the trees, but she don’t know how to pray,
Ooh, Addey, there’s no life in that rig, why don’t you throw it away?
Trust in God for a new kind of life,
Honey, he won’t lead you astray, never.

You know, there was a time in my life when I was just like Addey. You see, I hear Jesus calling my name, but I thought that once I gave my life to Jesus, that the party was over. I did not realise that once you once you trust Jesus and he comes into your life, that’s when life begins. There’ll come a day in your life when your old friends will come to you, after you’ve asked Jesus to come in, and they’ll say: “You know, you have been a Christian now for almost six weeks, now aren’t you just about to get tired of that religious stuff?” That’s gonna be your first opportunity to reach down deep to the love and the strength that Jesus will give at that opportunity. You look them in the face and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, you simply say something like this…





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