What Chew Got On?!

Chew on this.

Can what you wear ware out?
Another short vlog/food for thought:

Blessed from my head ‘To-ma-Toes’ and sharing it.

Without thinking, or over thinking, I went out with this shirt on and a ramdom guy sitting outside the store we were in said, “Hey, I love your shirt, TOM.” Calling me by name inclined me to think he knew me so I turned to see if I’d recognize & remember him. Immediately it dawned on me, my name is printed in big bold letters on the back of my wheelchair! We talked awhile & shared our faith together. It was great.

This also reminded me of the saying I’ve read, “If you meet me and forget – nothing lost. If you meet Jesus and forget – all is lost.” Jesus is the greatest example of love. What made Him great wasn’t his clothing, just his name, where he was from or who he hung out with. His actions & His connection to & with God The Father dictated those actions, that is what made Him worth following.

Ya never know who you may meet & perhaps we don’t always consider how our clothing lables may lable us; inaddition to that, our actions can effect, encourage & influence others. 

God knows what paths we’ll cross and His Word says, “Hey, acknowledge Me, represent Me, lift Me (Christ) up and I will draw others to Me.”

“You don’t need a Bible degree. Just lift Him up for the world to see.” From the classic Christian Rock song, “Lift Him Up” by Petra


For other very short message videos go to the play list: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnjQOVtw61egjpVenDLQtmrVA_gWpOsI6

Clothe yourself in righteousness.

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