Triumph In Tragedy (Eric Westover)

My name is Eric Westover. I’m a below-elbow amputee. I lost my arm 15 years ago this May secondary to a work injury and an incurable disease called RSD(now called CRPS II). I live with severe chronic pain every day. My pain starts at an 11 and goes to a 50, it never stops, it never takes a break, it’s with me 24/7/365.

In 2002 when my hand and arm started acting up,

 I had no idea the path God would put me on. 

After multiple failed surgeries, total loss of function, and incredibly severe pain, I knew there was only one choice left. And that was to amputate my hand and forearm. 

While it was a difficult and heart wrenching decision, I knew that God was with me and I needed to step out in Faith and let Him have this, no matter what happened. And so I did….

My work comp insurance denied my request to amputate, even though I had the best doctors in the world at The Mayo Clinic backing me up.

 I had to fight. And I did, for 14 months. And during that time I lost everything

I lost my house, my business, and had to sell everything I owned. And I had to move in with my parents at the age of 32. 

I was discouraged, depressed, and hurting.

It was not easy nor fun, but with God’s grace I made it through.
On May 13, 2004 we amputated my Right hand and forearm. And I’ve NEVER looked back…….
Losing my arm was THE BIGGEST BLESSING God ever gave me!!! So many things happened to me BECAUSE I lost my arm that would’ve NEVER happened had I not lost my arm. 

God opened SO MANY doors for me and I just had to walk through them.
I just recently retired as the Goalie for the U.S. National Amputee Soccer Team. I played for 8 years traveling the world and representing my country. I now work with a great nonprofit called 

NubAbility Athletics

 who works with limb different kids through sports. That’s ALL God!!

I just received a new prosthetic, pictured below. 

On it is the inscription for Ephesians 6: 11-17, my favorite verses, which say to Put on the armor of God every day and fight. 

I love that I can now wear my Faith on my sleeve and that God gives me the opportunity to glorify Him through something that most others look at as a tragedy.

Thanks for letting me share. God Bless!!!!


Thank you Eric for your vulnerability in sharing this. May we all remember that our pain is no indication of God’s presence. 

Let’s all be living proof of God’s handy work, especially in times of pain, trials, temptations & down right tragedy.

What we see & experience as aweful are things God can turn into awesome.

For Christ sake, beetle

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