Suana Effect

In a Suana you sit & wait, allowing  the environment to change you. 

There is a verse from God warning & advising us, “don’t conform to this world but BE TRANSFORMED.”

Consider with me for a moment, how that transformation can be allowed to take place simply by the environment we are in. 

I recommend, no matter where you are, to allow your mind to go to that place. Wander into that environment where you acknowledge God’s presence is all around you.

 I find time alone with Christ extremely helpful. The greatest thing is that, now matter where I am, He is there! I don’t need internet connection, an electrical hook up, to face a certain direction or to literally get down on my knees. He is not hindered by walls, clouds or our meager means of communication. I call to Him without a spoken word, just allow my thoughts to be read and a smile comes to my face as He reminds me that He has been before me, behind me, by my side & inside of my heart, my soul the whole time.

Then, when in the community & company of others i try to let His Holy Spirit, that i’ve surrendered to & allowed (simply asked) to fill me, overflow into whatever environment i am in.

I’m still amazed that this happens all by just asking God The Father, through what God The Son has done, to allow God The Spirit to fill me.

My child, my child why are you striving? You can’t add one thing to what’s been done for you. I did it all when I was dieing.

Rest in your faith My peace will come to you. -Jesus

(From song by Keith Green arrangement by Phil Laeger below)

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