Cruise Ships We’ve Been On

I don’t write a whole lot of blog posts about cruises we’ve been on because I hand write in my journals about them; but I do want to include this post to help me keep track and document.

We’ve been very blessed and even one of the results from my big scooter accident left me with a settlement that allowed us to do several things: pay doctor bills, get a new vehicle, take care of several other needs and…  take our very first cruise. From that point on we’ve been doing it regularly. We hope the doctors are wrong when it comes to my progression of Polynuropothy or regression of health; none-the-less we are traveling while I’m still able enough.

So far we’ve only been on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and at the bottom of this list I’ll continue to add & update which ships we have traveled on. 

Here they are:

  1. Vision Sept. 20-25, 2014
  2. Vision April 4-11, 2015
  3. Freedom Sept. 18-25, 2016
  4. Serenade Nov. 21-Dec. 2, 2016
  5. Brilliance Jan. 23-28, 2017
  6. Oasis Oct. 8-15, 2017
  7. Independence Dec. 2-7, 2017
  8. Empress March 3-8, 2018
  9. Enchantment Oct. 19-22, 2018
  10. Enchantment Oct. 22-26, 2018
  11. Serenade Dec. 10-21, 2018
  12. Enchantment Jan. 14-18, 2018
  13. Adventure Feb. 2-9, 2019


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