Question not how far can I go in any particular situation & still be close to God & please him? 

Ask how close can I get to God, remain close & true to Him in whatever situation I am in?

 While at a party, on a date or at a ball game have you ever felt like your loyalty to God is challenged?  I guess it depends on what party, date or ball game.

I believe our relationship with God can be compared to any good, loyal meaningful commitment we have.

If you’re in love with “The Lord”, pledged your life to Him, it will show & as you do things that aren’t pleasing to Him you won’t have to necessarily look up the 10 commandments and check them off 1 by 1 to make sure you’re keeping in line. His Holy Spirit in our lives can rule & reign to the point of changing our desires & even making us feel grief over what grieves Him.

Give Him time & He’ll continue to help you grow & mature. He’s still working on me after all these years.

Before even deciding to go some place ask, “If I go there & do this or that how pleasing can I be to God there? Will I compromise God’s standards? Will I feel like justifying my behavior or will I stay true to The Light (Christ)?”

We gotta walk in The Light as He is in The Light no matter how dark things get.

Now, if being around certain people or situations we find that we can’t be ethically sound, pure,  a man\woman of His Word in any particular environment then let’s not even bother subjecting ourselves to that event or environment.  Don’t hang with those people, even if they call themselves your friend. Don’t go where they offer free drinks if you know you don’t yet have the willpower or ability to not stay of sober mind. Don’t date people who are only really interested in sexual aspects. In whatever state you are in, don’t let devil get a foothold. 

If you’re serious about your relationship with Christ don’t flirt with the devil.

What if you’re already dating the devil (disguised as an angel of light of course)? Well… maybe this analogy will help:

 Imagine that you’re out on frozen lake & you notice that it’s cracking but you see a dry dock connected to land & that land has a huge mountain on it. I’m sure you’d be wise enough to get off that thin ice, not wait to see if you’ll fall in. You’d get to the dock. Walk up pier. Climb the mountain. Get as close to shelter & a nice warm fire.  

Get as close to the fire as possible.

Draw near to God. He will draw near to you.

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