The Treasure Hunt, Search & Encounter: Finding God

Finding God is as easy as simply searching, letting Him read our heart. To be sure we are not led on a wild goose chase it is always good to go to His Word that has endured over all these years. 

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Finding God

Imagine walking along the beach.  The sun high overhead. Waves washing up and over your feet as you comb the beach with a metal detector.  Back and forth you swing the detector listening for the little beep. Searching. Hoping.

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What are you hoping to find?  An unexpected treasure? What will you do with it once you find it?

This meditation from Jeremiah 29 is about the hunt.  Looking, searching, and eventually finding what you most long for.  But not an earthly treasure, but a heavenly reward. Not a lost coin, but finding the eternal presence of God.

As you walk your own path of discovering the ever present presence of God, consider who you might meet along the way on their own journey of divine discovery.  Who might you encounter that is in search of God. How might you be the one who takes their hand and leads them to find God?


Consider that and when you are ready, whether at the wonder of sunset or sunrise, be mindful with great expectation as you walk up and down the beach looking for treasure.  Listening for the beep. Feeling the excitement in your heart as you discover you have found what you have been seeking. As you encounter and the very eternal presence of God.


Let me pray this closing benediction over you that when you feel most isolated that you keep the faith.  That when you feel abandoned you remember to look for God. That when you feel hopeless that you remember to search for God wholeheartedly.  And then you will find him. Now may the discovery of Christ, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and an encounter with your heavenly Father be what sustains you now and always, Amen.

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