Committing To God After Encountering Him

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Committing to God

“Wait. Stop.  You are NOT going outside wearing that!”

Of the many responsibilities of a parent, often the least recognized is the role of fashion police or being the last line of defense before a young child steps out into a freezing cold winter’s day wearing shorts, t-shirts, no shoes…but with a stocking cap and gloves.  The child’s defense is usually a sarcastic, “What? I’m wearing a hat and gloves as you told me!”

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Have you ever had anyone ask you, “you aren’t going to wear that are you?”  It can sound a bit condescending but hopefully, they are looking out for your best interest before you make a fool of yourself in public.   

This meditation from Proverbs 16 is a reflection on all of the ways we set goals that seem so right and innocent in our own eyes at the time, but later come to regret something we’ve done.  How the Lord protects us by first weighing and examining us in spite of our own motives. First and foremost seeking after God’s direction rather our own self-interests.

As you rest here in closing, be mindful of present moments you may be ignoring or dismissing the wisdom of God to pursue your own plans.  And be aware too of others you encounter on your path that may be blinded by their own selfish ways unaware of God’s light.


Ponder that and when you are ready, whether at first or last light, watch with great expectation for a moment to surrender your secular plans to the sacred.  From what is done by hand to those done by the divine for it will be then and there you will encounter the of will and guidance of God.


Let me pray this closing benediction over you to remember to commit your activities to the Lord.  Trust in God’s ways for then and only then will your plans be established. Now may the surrendering work of Christ, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and your encounter with the wise ways of God be what brings you most contentment now and always, Amen.

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