I Think God Can. I Believe God Can. I Know God Can

When I was a li’l boy I was told a story about a li’l train that couldn’t make it up a hill until he changed his li’l train attitude and began chugging along saying over & over again & again the affirmation, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.”  

I’ve recently become more & more aware of the importance in my life to apply God’s Word because without Him I truly can’t do anything.

Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through MeJohn 14:6 NASB

When i have li’l faith my problems seem so big but when i just 

let God be God 

i come to the reality that God is bigger than me & my li’l problems. GOD is bigger than it all.


 Along these same lines, when I read about the father in Mark 9 I see a man whose son is sick & in need of healing but I also see a father of that son who is in just as great of a need.

I ask myself today,

  • Why don’t we call or reach out for help but would rather do outreach to help others even when we are in need?

Just for a moment, look BACK at the father in Mark 9:14-16 …arguing and fighting broke out because this man came to the disciples 1st (the body, the Church) and they could not help. He and his problem was not resolved.

Had he risked rejection and non-acceptance by Jesus too?

Mark 9:17&18… He gets to talk to Jesus about how “GOD’S PEOPLE” were not able to help him.
He spoke openly of himself & his son. He admitted his faith was not as strong as it should be. He also told Jesus that the disciples couldn’t do it! 

That is like going to a boss of a company and saying, “Your employees are not doing their job!”

He expressed his hardship, didn’t sugar coat it.

He admits this long term problem and speaks of the duration of his son’s illness, the hurt for his child had overtaking even his faith. PHe spent Years dealing with it! He (this father) was sick of just trying to accept this pain and illness.

As I read Mark 9:14-15 I had to take note that, this father went to disciples first, like going to a nurse before going to the doctor. 

People were overwhelmed with wonder and crowded Jesus to the point where you could not approach him without going through disciples 1st, even children were stopped by the disciples before they could reach Jesus.

I think that


Oh, may we (the Church) let and help people get closer to God though what we do here.

So Mark 9:17 the man (a father) steps out from the crowd and finally gets to talk to THE MASTER HIMSELF.
He shared these things with Jesus, not really knowing if Jesus would accept or reject him. 

The boy’s father risked that rejection. Thst right thete shows his desperation and some faith that this is worth a try. 

The Lord not only accepted him in his honesty and openness, but He also had compassion on him and his son and healed the boy as well as increased the father’s faith.

Look at the father in Mark 9:21-24. Jesus asked the boy’s father, “How long has he been like this?” The answer was, “from childhood and often he throws him into the fire and into the water to kill him. But if you can do anything take pity on us and help us.”

“If I can?” Said Jesus “Everything is possible for him who believes.”

Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief”.

The father in Mark 9 showed faith by coming to the Lord and admitting his faith was not what it should be. 

Enough faith was not seen in the disciples either. Some, but not enough. Not what it should be.

We gotta go to the source of power!

It is great to meet with other believers but we got to spend time directly with Christ personally or you’ll have no faith at all.

The father in Mark 9 could have wrapped himself in guilt and thought,

“how could I come before Jesus when my faith is not as strong as it can or should be?”
“how can I come before Jesus when this situation hasn’t changed in years?”

He could have said,

“God’s people didn’t help so God can’t help.”

Hey, listen, “People don’t care what church you go to. They don’t want to know who you know and who knows you until they know that you know and care about them on some type of personal level.”

Christians often have feelings of guilt. Sometimes we are taught to believe that we should never sway and never feel less than mighty if we are truly walking close with Jesus. 

Other opinions and actions cause us to perhaps feel like we are not allow to feel or share our true feelings.

HOWEVER, we are human and we are still in constant need of healing, in constant need of our savior. 

We are all in the same earth suits everyone else is in. 

Humility comes from the reality that we are weak but HE is strong. 

When we admit our own weaknesses it is only then we can help our family and those around us with their same weaknesses.

It is only when we have the plank (tree) in our own eye removed that we can assist in removing other’s splinters.

If we reach out for help and admit we need someone to do something for us

does this mean we are not trusting God and leaning on him?

The father in Mark 9 is real and allows himself the freedom from having the guilt of faithlessness. He admits the problem with his son. He admits he doesn’t have enough faith, confesses the disciples don’t have enough faith (Church is not enough on its own). God is the source. We also, must

go to the source.

Now visualize this father as he is trying to express himself…
May we make this our prayer:
Lord, there is a part of me that is hurting right now, it hinders me and I can’t totally believe as I should. Yet I believe in YOU, Lord, or I wouldn’t be here, but right now I am hurting so much for my son, my loved one, my situation. I believe in you, please help me overcome my unbelief and accept me for who I am.” Amen

And Jesus did respond to the father’s request and he healed the son of his illness as well as increased the father’s faith.

May HE increase ours.

Much of this post I took from 👉The Father in Mark 9👈 for an in-depth look, follow that link (https://wp.me/p6Exj2-N).

Go with God, beetle

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