Listen & Listening

Listen to the song “Listen And Learn” by Geoff Moore:

Prayer is a conversation and often it takes place in actions taken other than times of bowing my head & closing my eyes.

Recently The Lord’s been talkin’ extra clear to me. I’m listening & learing to get His perspective of things rather than my own preconceived perception.

Prayer, Listen to our hearts : 

Also, sometimes

God says no

I’m learning what to do

When God says no

And I’m accepting that there are

Questions God Can’t Answer (Tuesday’s blog post)

If your interested in going a li’l further with all this i encourage you to read those 3 short articles. Click any of the above words/phrases highlighted in a different color or go to:

Sometime God Says No (

When God Says No (

Questions God Can’t Answer (

Listening, beetle

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