Throw The Tail. Shed The Skin. 

You have may already known this but many lizards can actually detach themselves from their tail.

 I’ve always thought of it as their tail breaking off by force or tension; however, they can actually release themselves from it and just grow a new one. 

Maybe you have seen them shedding their skin too. I thought that this too was kind of a neat analogy that we could apply to our spiritual lives or maybe even to our emotional lives, to just shed off the old skin, let go of things that are bothering us.

Back to the tale of its tail, when a lizard lets go of its tail it’s a meal for whatever predator was trying to catch it. As I mentioned, some lizard species can actually release their tail, thus confusing their predictor & use that time of distraction to escape. 

Even more amazing perhaps, remember, they grow that tail back and go on living and they’re just fine. Obviously, let’s not forget, that it takes time to grow it back. Much to my surprise when I leatned this at age 9 it doesn’t just shoot out and instantly they have a new tale to tell about their tail they lost. It has to heal & grow back.

Also, when they shed their skin they grow a beautiful new, clean, clear, smoother and bright one.

    I think there’s a lot of food for thought there and it was worth me doing short little blog post on this. 

Here is a Bible verse to apply to this & to life:

2Co. 5:17

Enough said for now, beetle

Click links below for more close up pic.s of these cute li’l creatures, a closer look you’ll very rarely catch with your naked eye.

6,000 species

Don’t settle for basic when you can be extraordinary –

Green Anoles with extra long tail, ready to throw when he needs to.

For another post featuring lizards go to:  Lizard or Louse?

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