“Getting on base & making it to home plate”

This post is inspired from another writer. Their blog is called “Those Who Sin Differently


And their post:



I’m highlighting and literally cuting & pasteing things he wrote here because it was so good for my soul.

He used an analogy of baseball & wrote, “In an uncertain, fallen world, it sometimes seems like we are not going to make it.  Problems that weigh down on the follower of Jesus Christ sometimes make it feel like we are not going to make it home.  We see the opposition (forces of evil that fight against us – see Ephesians 6:12 – and who try to rally others to their side), and we fear that we will be tagged out long before we can finish rounding the bases.”

He uses God’s word to give encouragement to believers on what to do when,

when our human nature wants to run the other way, or our hearts feel like giving up because we’ve hit a slow grounder right to first base.”

He gave several suggestions:

“The first thing we can do is to listen to our coach.  In life, the leader of the winning team is Jesus Christ:

If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also; if anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him. John 12:26 NASB

Unlike a human coach, though, Jesus sees throughout time and space, right into the hearts of everyone, and doesn’t just guide us towards what will probably work.  Instead, He knows exactly what we must do in order to achieve the best outcome.  Our role isn’t to try and figure everything out; it is to listen to Him and to do it, while He figures out the gameplan.”

“Sometimes our life feels like a marathon, whether we’re just getting up to speed, or hitting the wall as the miles march on, or even if the finish line is in sight.  Other times, a few days or weeks feel like a 90-foot dash in a baseball game, where we strain to reach a target before the window of opportunity closes.”

“In all these things, the purpose we have in life is not to out-perform other people, nor to somehow carry the team on our own.  Instead, it is to keep running – to keep doing exactly what we are called to do.  Whether we have a glamorous role (like a pitcher or home-run hitter), or an less-dramatic one (like a center-fielder or a batter asked to make a sacrifice bunt), we just keep running and doing exactly what the coach asks of us.  We don’t look back, or freeze on the baseline in fear – we just keep going.  And, by doing our part, we help out the entire team.”

Many times I get frustrated with card carrying members of “The Church” and I even question, “Are in the same team?” 

In reading this fellow writer’s blog post I felt so encouraged & inspired because he always backs up what he writes with what God has inspired others to write, a sure thing we can use to help us through this game called, “life.” As I read on I highlighted more,

our focus is on Jesus, not on hanging on to things that will slow us down.  We don’t watch the other “team” as they try to stop us; we just focus on Jesus and His instructions.”

“So, whether you feel like you are excelling at the peak of your career, or struggling to outrun the throw at every turn: trust your coach, keep your eyes on Him (not the distractions around you), and focus on the goal.  When you’re on the winning team, you have the ultimate victory celebration to look forward to!”

Full credit to: Those Who Sin Differently


For all Bible verses and the entire post on this particular subject go to:

RUNNING TO FIRST.    (https://wp.me/p84Ya7-76t)

I’ll conclude with a song by Geoff Moore & the Distance, “Homerun”: 


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