Best Labor Day Everrrrrrrrrrr

I was blessed to be with all 4 of my children this past Labor Day weekend. It goes without saying how much we miss my son who was promoted to Glory just 2 years ago.

It’s not alway easy to capture group photos, let alone all get together. I’ve noticed that sometimes it is the candid shots that say the most and the times away from each other that makes getting together all the better. 

We went to the “CINO DOME” in the Orlando Science Center.

The full projectors were no working so they showed a DVD of the short documentary “Forces Of Nature” on the huge screen but it came out smaller than even the average size movie theater screen. The best part was we were seated in the back & I was able to make shadow puppets during the show.

In the Cino Dome

When we were back in my oldest daughter’s apartment we enjoyed watching vines on youtube (short video vines, already being a thing of the past) & listening to music. 

I wasn’t sure if they had ever heard the song “Evolution” by Geoff Moore, especially the intro. to the song so I played it and did my best pantomime performance…

On my way there.

The weekend started with my, soon to be son-in-law, picking me up in St. Augustine and driving me to Orlando. Seeing a ranbow was an extra blessing. 

On their way there

The day before this he & my oldest picked up the 3 younger daughters and brought them to their new apt. in Orlando.

Superman’s Phone Booth…what is a phone booth daddy?

I’ve always said we could do everything or nothing no matter what being together is the real adventure. 

We are all superheroes to each other. Much like the most recent superhero movies we have our share of arguments too and until we unite things are a little unjust.

Special note: while at the science center one of the biggest thrills was seeing a phone booth with an “old fashion phone”. I remember using the round dial & waiting for those numbers to go all the way around.

Disney Springs

Another thrill was Disney Springs & the Coke-a-Cola store where they let me free ride my Wheelchair down the enormous ramp that went around the outside of the building.

3 li’l aliens
Coke samples

We also went to two malls. We were on the hunt for “Plum colored” dresses for my eldest daughter’s wedding coming up in just 2 months.

What an adventure, shopping with 4 daughters!

Again, what is a phone booth daddy?

Over all we anticipated having the best weekend ever together and we were not disappointed.

I wanted to be sure and capture this on my blog because it is such an important part of my life.

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