Rhonda B.s Bath Remedies (r.d. interview)

Update: we’ve closed Rhonda B’s Bath Remedies businedd for now. I am holding onto this article for memory sake.
In preparation for an up and coming pod cast for The Deidre Reigel Hope & Healing Radio Show (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWAvT946ITr0aYSH-Uk13pw) I put together the following projected subject mater/questions & answers:
Intro. Info.:

An interview with Tom was broadcasted this past August (link to that: https://youtu.be/gRbMeYdIWdU) now we are back to talk about Hope & Healing through Rhonda B’s Bath Remedies. Rhonda is Tom ‘s wife & she started making bath products as a way to suppliment their income, especially since Tom has become disabled & unable to work. She is camera shy & mic. shy so Tom is the designated spokes person & helps write the blog post for their official website, RHONDA B.’S BATH REMEDIES.

Tom & Rhonda have been married 8 years this September 2018. Rhonda is a Registered Nurse & this past 6 months or so she has launched a side business of making & selling soap as well as a variety of health products.

Question: How did this all start and why bath products?

Answer: Rhonda loves to cook and just like a chef puts together ingredients to make a great meal so also Rhonda puts together ingredients to make bath remedies. Her artistic ability goes into or is expressed by making soap and bath products which inturn offers help, healing & hope to others.

I’m just her little helper.

We launched a blog, “Rhonda B.’s Bath Remedies”, that showcases the bath products which she makes personally. All products & contact info. is on the site.

She uses all natural ingredients and essential oils to scent her items.

While natural products do have the potential to help with areas such as colds, anxiety, and many other areas of illness, this is not a guarantee or a cure. She encourages eveyone to always seek medical advice when needed.

Rhonda is a RN (Registered Nurse) but not a Doctor and doesn’t practice health care out side of her work at the hospital.

We have been living on just her income for a sometime now while I’ve been waiting for disability benifits and she started making things and realized that perhaps this would be a way to suppliment our income.

Some products take a long time to make such as cold process soaps that take 4-6 weeks to cure.

Of course when someone orders she lets them know how long it will take. If they have questions or would like to special order something such as a special scent of soap or bath bomb they just let her know through the contact info. on the website or a letter sent to her p.o. box.

It all started & sprung from her creativity & the need to suppliment our income.

Question: I want to ask about those products and how they work? What is a shower fizz?

Shower Fizz Pic.

Answer: Shower Fizzes! YES! For those who don’t like baths or can’t take a bath in a tub these are for you!

They come in a small jar with a lid & when you get into the shower you just take off the lid and place a few drops of water on the fizz and put it in the corner of the shower where it won’t get fully wet.

Then you simply let the aroma fill your shower. Any type of bath bomb she makes she can also make into a shower fizz.

There are a few different kinds…

Stuffy Head Shower Fizz. If you suffer from Allergies, got a Head cold or just get congested sometimes this can help your sinuses open while in a hot shower.

Grapefruit Shower Fizz- when you need a little boost in your shower this shower fizz or the bath bomb version could do the trick!

We learned to not sprinkle too much water on it at once because the scent will be extra strong! Just a few drops (5-10 drops) will do!

Vanilla Shower Fizz –Who doesn’t like the scent of vanilla? It always reminds her of her mother baking Christmas cookies from when Rhonda was a child. Now your shower can smell like it!

Rhonda’s mom died when Rhonda was just turning 14. When we uses this it brings back fond memories stimulated by smell. There is a real comfort when we use products like these. That smell, along with songs her mother use to sing to her & she steps out of the shower not only clean but comforted deep within.

Question: Can you explain what a bath bomb is & how it works?

Pic. Of Bath Bomb

Answer: Bath Bombs –These are fun to watch! You put this ball of natural ingredients & oils in the tub & it slowly dissoves & fills your bath.

A variety of scents are available to help with your mood. If you would like a scent you do not see on the site, please email her and she’ll make it for you. Right now she has just a few basic ones available. For example, much like the shower fizz…

Stuffy Head Bath Bomb –This bath bomb will help you breath better if you have sinus problems from allergies or a head cold. You use it in hot water (but not too hot. You don’t burn yourself!). Then you just lay back in the tub for 20 minutes to get full effect.

If you would like more than 2 bath bombs or would like different kinds of bath bombs, again email her and she’ll let you know the special price. Tax, Shipping & handeling is included in all the prices on the web site so for local people (Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, as far south as Daytona) the price is reduced greatly from what is listed on the site. A local residents just ordered a $10 item & because we didn’t have to add shipping it was only $5.

Grapefruit Bath Bomb –This wonderful bath bomb helps give you that extra “boost” when you are feeling a little drained. Just relax in the tub & let it fizz, dissolving your problems away.

Also, if you order 2 Grapefruit Bath Bombs you get more bang for your buck.

Vanilla Bath Bombs- Who doesn’t love the smell of vanilla? Like the shower fizz, this relaxing aroma that fills the air can bring you back to days of childhood & perhaps holidays when your family baked in the kitchen.

Question: Also, she has bath salts. What can you tell us about those?

Answer: OOOOOOoooooohhhh YES. The bath salts for soaking not for smoking! They have helped me more than regular epson salts to relax & soothe my muscles. Just pour some in & soak in it, soaking in the minerals & nutrians.

These are all handmade. So, the consistency of her products may vary from what you may be use to from store-bought products. These products are made with 100% natural products and, again, she uses only Essential oils, never fragrances.

I can share a little secret here on why her salts are better than most… Along with the essential oils, she uses Dead Sea salt in her mix.

Just like with the shower fizz & bath bombs there are a few different bath salts.

If you’re feeling a little run down her citrus smelling bath salts can perk you right up!


Wake Up! Bath Salts

They come in a 12 oz bottle and you just use a little in each bath you take so it lasts more than once.

I like the lavender one cause it does the opposite of waking me up. When I soak in it it soaks into me, soothes my muscles & the oils, not artificial fragrances, relieve my anxiety.

I enjoy it as much as I enjoy the soaps because it’s doing all the work, you know what I mean, you just soak in it, there is no need to wash with it or scrub to activate it.


What is a Bath Scrub? Can you tell our listeners how that product work?

Pic. Of bath scrub


Yes, for instance, the Lavender-Dead Sea Salt Scrub. This pleasant smelling salt scrub exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time.

For best results you can use it 1-2 times a week. Because it is homemade you take your fingers and mix the scrub. Then take some with your fingers and rub it on your body. Then just rinse and pat yourself dry with a towel.

The Lavender Dead Sea Salt Scrub gives Multiple uses. It comes in a nice 20 oz glass container. Again, there is a special, lower price if you order 2 Lavender Dead Sea Salt Scrubs.

Question: What is a bath tea?

Pic. Of bath teas


I know, it sounds really different but, Bath Teas are just that- tea that goes into your bath. Now, you do not drink these teas! You put the tea bag into your bath and soak for 20 minutes for full benefits.

Relaxing Bath Tea are especially good if you are having a rough day. This pleasant scented bath tea will help you relax!

Question: Can you tell us about the soaps & benifits they offer?

Puc. Of soap

Answer: These soaps she makes, using natural ingredients & essential oils, are so much better than store bought ones or ones processed in a factory.

If you have never had homemade soap, they are not like store bought soaps which are actually detergents by definition.

Store bought soap have all the glycerin taken out which is what makes soap mild on the skin and moisturizes it too. Since it is not a detergent like store bought soaps, it does not suds up like store soap but it does get you clean!

The glycerin, a key ingredient if you don’t want to damage or dry out your skin, is one of the main components so while removing dirt and grime it adds moisture you skin needs to stay healthy.

The Lavender Soap and grapefruit soap are very popular. The come in a 5 oz. bar. They are one of the most inexpensive products she offerd but they are not made cheap. I was amazed when I started using them.

A unique one for me was the

Charcoal Facial Bar Soap

This soap contains charcoal, honey, and tea tree essential oil which all have antibacterial/antimicrobial properties. There is also Grapeseed oil in it which does not clog up pores and Coconut oil for moisture.


Charcoal Facial Bar Soap

Some may think many of these products are just for women but we all have skin and one item that is especially good for men is the

Foaming African Black soap

Pic. Of Foaming African Black Soap

many men suffer from break-out when they shave. I did until I tried African Black soap. Now I swears by it. It has also been known to clear up acne breakouts. (This is not a guarantee but it has been known to help. Everyone’s skin is different.) She puts it in a 9 oz foaming soap dispenser so you don’t have to lather up the soap. Normally you have to get it wet, let it desolve a little, then work it into a lather to apply. The special container has a pump so it comes out as foam so you don’t have to work up that lather.

Question: Anything more you want to add?

Answer: Thank YOU for this Interview & raising awareness to how Rhonda’s home made products can offer hope & healing.

I express myself in writing, music & decorating rocks & if anyone mentions, “I WANNA ROCK!” when contacting & ordering her products we include one of my decorative rocks.

Ya know, Christmas will be here before we know it and, because these products are handmade, orders need to be put in now if you want them by Christmas. All the info. is on the website, Rhondabsbathremedies.blog (https://rhondabsbathremedies.blog/)


Thank you again.

Closing outro:

Contact info:


Email: rhondabsbathremedies@gmail.com

Main website: http://www.rhondabsbathremedies.blog

Short video:

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