Life’s A Book (Project Semicolon)

Project ; (semicolon) Project Semicolon official site: 

Their Mission Statement -Within the belief that suicide is generally preventable, the mission of Project Semicolon is to help reduce the incidents of suicide in the world through connected community and greater access to information and resources. We believe that suicide prevention is the collective responsibility of each and every person on the planet.


A semicolon is used by a writer when there is still more to be written.

My story is not over yet, your’s isn’t either.

Don’t let the way you are feeling dictate to you that life is over; there is more to be written, more to be lived.

Go to πŸ‘‰Project SemicolonπŸ‘ˆ to hear inspiring stories and if you or a loved one is feeling confused, helpless, hopeless talk about it & seek professional help. 

Your life matter.

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