Chain Links & Choices

Think for a moment of each little choice we make as if it were a li’l link, just a bunch of li’l links that will join together and eventually make up a larger chain. 

When you look at 1 link it doesn’t look like a chain, it is just a link. 

When you put 3 links together, it is still not really a chain just 3 li’l links.

But as each link is connected eventually it forms a chain.

Life’s Choices, small actions, are like individual single links.

It starts with just one link but eventually they are joined together and those small actions & choices can turn into a habit. Then that turns into being something I do automatically (2nd nature, without even thinking about it) automatic.

Soon that thing we “do” (the link) turns into our identity, reputation formed by repetitive behavior (a track reacord, OUR M.O. -Mode of operation).

 Then those things we are linked to & that are linked to our reputation  are simply just part of our nature. Not just how we are perceived by others but who are are.

If we saw the large chain those links make we most likely would never have apply that link. Then again our human nature craves things that are naturally unhealthy for our body, mind & soul.

When I step back & look at my life I can see the links in my life that have formed big, long, heavy chains that have weighed me down. I was a prisoner & held captive by those various chains.

At times I just see one li’l link. I don’t always think about how it could be linked or connected to other things in my life that would form a chain.

Practice anything long enough and it can be made perminant.

My dad used the example of a vice. 

If you put your hands in that vice & let someone or something else turn it & keep turning it eventually you won’t be able to get your hands out of it.

 You have to have someone turn it the oposite way to free you once again.

Many times we need help, professional help, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. 

If for some reason there are links joined together forming a chain holding you hostage & slave to something harmful & destructive I’d recommend 1st you pray then talk to someone that you know sincerely cares and also seek the help of someone who has invested their life & time into that particular area of profession.

May God reveal to us the li’l links that form chains.

On Sept 7th, 2018 the next article on this thought will be published. Go to:  Chain Links & More Choices

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