Getting on my knees & fighting like a man!

Petra song: 

When words won’t come & i think i know what needs to be done but at the same time can’t do anything…

I go to Christ.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, ” I’m too blessed to be stressed!”, but actually for me I’m learning that I’m blessed because I’m stressed.

It’s only because of the opposition that I see an opportunity.

 It’s only because of hopeless situations that I crave hope and need comfort.

 I thank God that I know the source of all comfort and strength, our Lord God Almighty


It’s times like these that i don’t need anyone else’s advice, words spoken or written i just need to be alone with God, The Father & let Him speak through His Word that I’ve memorized & keep in my heart.

Many times good Christ inspired music helps too.

“When your light grows din cast your care on him.” -Degarmo & Key

 1st Peter 5:7 

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