Hope Only Seen After We Believe

People say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” According to God’s word we only truly see the unseen after we believe. As a believer we say,

I’ll see it when I believe it.

Song by Dogs of Peace “When I Believe It”


What we hope for as believers can not be seen with our eyes. To help understand this a little more you may want to check out: The @YouVersion Plan “Hope”.  It is split up into 3 short readings.

God has so much more for us that we will never see in this life time. Just as we see results & effects of the wind but we can’t see the wind.
From the above mentioned reading plan I took this:

If you work hard at something, you will be more successful, correct?

 If you slack off, your results will diminish. 

Diligence is a key. 

Be all in, whatever you’re doing. It’s the same if you want to be hopeful. You faithfully choose hope, not fear. It makes you full of assurance and you’re a lot more fun to be around too!

What about when hope is hard to come by, hard to find or we just can’t seem to grasp hope in one of our darkest hours?

That is when I find the need to go to the source of all Hope, The Living Hope.

God had gotten me this far & He doesn’t lift us up to let us down.

I used this song before in another post but it is worth using again. The Imperials “He Didn’t Lift Us Up To Let Us Down: 

Hebrews 6:11

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