Goodbye means God Be With You

Rather than saying goodbye I like to say,  “Bye FOR NOW.”

I know someone who would always say to other believers, 


When I die it won’t be the end for me. Not because of any great thing I have done but because Jesus Christ, my Lord, makes (prepared) a place for me & my friend, He prepared one for you as well.

When Jesus said these things in Jonh 14:

He said that before He went to the cross. That is how he prepared that place, by His death He made the sacrifice for our sin, paid the dept for the wages of sin are death.

Some day, in Him, we will have our eternal home. In the mean time we invest our lives in Him & seek 1st His Kingdom & the treasures there rather than toil for wealth here on earth which we see & know is passing away.

Go with God my friends and God be with you.

Enough said, Beetle

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