Earth suits & Instructions

The above image was so perfect for what I want to say in this post & goes well with many other posts I’ve blogged. 

I picture my body of flesh as just a suit. 

As a believer of Christ & follower of Him I know I no longer belong to this world. I am in it but not completely part of it; and yet here I am & will remain until God takes me out of it physically. 

It is completely up to Him on how that may happen. Recently I’ve lost friends & even a family member to heath issues and so many others I knew have died due to various accidents but I hold onto the hope that this life is not the end.

I believe in an afterlife and that because Christ died He has made a way for me to dwell in His Heavenly Kingdom after we leave this planet we call home. Death is unavoidable & until Christ raises the believer, here we remain. 

God’s Word reminds me, 

“We are not of this world. We are like aliens here.”

I hold on & believe that if we are truly part of God’s heavenly Kingdom now we’ll join Him in a place He provides for us after we die. In John 14, Jesus talks about that. 

As we let Christ be our Lord & Master, our King, we fall under His Lordship & answer to His calling, guidance, direction & commands.

In the Old Testament God told them:

I wrote a few posts about this physical life we know now being temporary & our bodies being just an earth suit. Some day we’ll shed these suits.

While still in this body i will praise Him, lift Him up & long to be with Him in spirit.

For other posts regarding our present state & going beyond these temporal things go to any or all of the following posts:

Each of those posts above are fairly short & to the point. It is my hope they will encourage others who are trying to live in an earth suit simular to mine. It is my prayer that believers will continue to live with a heart that knows we will some day be with the Lord on high.
In Christ, Beetle

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