Sold Out

I decided a long time ago that my life would be so sold out to God so much so that the devil can’t get a seat.

Once we invite Christ in to be our Lord there is no room for anyone or anything else to be our Lord. Selfishness also needs to submit & surrendering to His Lordship. We can’t serve 2 masters. 

Since Christ is in charge I truly find peace but that peace only comes as I surrender the fight against all He is & let Him fight all that is outside of His will. Our relationship with Him is perfected as we commit our ways to Him. 

Sure, there are times when we’ll still try to take charge & make decisions contrary to God’s Word, way & will. There are times when other things try to rent a space in our minds & hearts but His Spirit will nudge us & convict our hearts to know when we get off track.

May we live everyday in a revival state of mind.

True freedom.

Enjoy your independence day living in dependence on Him & how much more that can mean to you as a believer.



SONG: “The Devil Doesn’t Live Here” By Stryper

Another good read: Living In Dependenceville & link to book by Caleb Hyers.

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