Camp Boggy Creek Challenge

About Camp Boggy Creek:

It was founded in 1996 by Paul Newman and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, with one simple premise in mind, that every child, no matter their illness, could experience the transformational spirit and friendships that go hand in hand with camp.

Camp Boggy Creek has made it possible for children with serious illnesses to enjoy a camp experience in a safe, medically-sound environment. Located just a short drive from Orlando, Florida, the 232-acre camp serves children ages 7-16 whoโ€™ve been diagnosed with chronic or life-threatening conditions.

Camp Boggy Creek never charges campers to attend and never asks them to contribute anything other than a positive, playful attitude.


A simple Facebook (St Augustine Rocks -part of the Kindness Rocks) Helped this very worthwhile community project by painting camp themed rocks.
I’ve been doing this frog character I neamed “Shipwreck Charlie” He kinda just developed over thw many hours of me drawing a F.R.O.G. (which represents Fully Rely On God)

The St Augustine Rocks fb group (admin Nancy Brenner) call for action she posted: CAMP BOGGY CREEK CHALLENGE: Yeah, POSCA Markers !! What everyone is talking about.  One of our members, David Timmer, is putting up this wonderful set of 3M POSCA Markers as the prize in our next random number drawing.  WIN these POSCAs and at the same time provide a smile for one of the sick kids at Camp Boggy Creek. Paint any camp related themed rock and receive one entry into this POSCA DRAWING.  In this challenge, multiple rocks may be posted in one photo and will be numbered according to the number of rock donations posted. The more rocks, the more rock smiles we can donate to the kids at Camp Boggy Creek.

Update 6/12- David Timmer is gifting a second set of POSCAs in this challenge and has given us a donation commitment of $100 toward the camp if we as a group meet the minimum goal of 100 camp theme painted rocks. 
Update 6/13- I will commit 10 pounds of white Santorini Rocks as a prize in the random drawing if our group meets a goal of 200 camp theme painted rocks. 
Thank you to admin, Michelle Graham, for painting some wonderful examples of camp themed rocks as well as many portrait rocks of the campโ€™s beloved, Mr. Spivey.
Please seal your rocks, post your photo in the comments below and deliver by Wednesday , June 20th at 4 pm…in a zip lock bag labeled โ€œCAMP BOGGY CREEKโ€  to:
Coastal Foot and Ankle

200 Southpark Blvd 

St Augustine, Fl 

(near St Augustine Imaging Center & Brooks Rehab -west of Walgreens and last entry before Old Moultrie Rd)


I’m giving my Shipwreck F.R.O.G. rocks because the timing was perfect. I’m writing a story to go along with Shipwreck Charlie & have been drawing him in various positions (in a hammock, eating flies, fishing, praying, dancing and many more including camping on the island that has become his new home after being shipwrecked). One phrase that came to my mind as I was developing this character & thinking about Fully Relying On God was,

“God provides plenty of flies.”

Group shot:

My long time friend Gavin Yeatts saw one of my drawings & asked me to send it to him. Gavin then became a model for me lol

Shipwreck Charlie & this thought of F.R.O.G. has come a long way & as I share him he travels even further then I can imagine.

Scripture: Jesus called out to them, โ€œCome, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!โ€

Matthew 4:19 NLT

 Look at the birds. They donโ€™t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And arenโ€™t you far more valuable to him than they are?

Matthew 6:26 NLT

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