The Goldilocks Zone

Recently, while reading a post by M. Dennis, from his blog, “Those Who Sin Differently” ( my heart was struck to the point of a ‘must share!’ 

The post stirred me to think about my own comfort zone & how spoiled I am. I try not to take things for granted but one powerfailer or outage while living here in the Florida heat & humidity and I all but lose my mind.

The original “Newsboys” had a song called, “Real Good Thing” with repetitive lines saying,

” When we don’t get what we deserve it’s a real good thing. When we get what we don’t deserve it’s a real good thing.”

A real good thing: 

Mercy = not getting what we deserve. Grace = getting what we don’t deserve.
There is a fine balance in nature & in life. There is a time for everything and a reason for evetything (Eccl. 3)

Althought heart aches, trials, temptations, struggles in gereral are not pleasant they sure keep us in our toes are force us to our knees and ya know what, that is all part of life too. 

Sometimes to get to where we are going or where we need to be we have to go through the wilderness or a dark valley with many cold shadows. 

Remember where there is a shadow there is a light – “Petra” (from the song The Road To Zion)

In 2nd Corinthians 12 Paul expressed dealing with a thorn in his flesh, being uncomfortable, not just because of inconveniences but to the point of pain, battling strife, illness, imprisonment…living in an old earth suit waiting for a new one that will be issued when he finally leaves this place.

This post was inspired by M. Dennis’ blog “Those Who Sin Differently”

 For the specific original post by M. Dennis’ post go to 👉 “THE GOLDILOCKS ZONE” 👈

In good times, in bad times…

I have a rock with a frog drawn on it that is small enough to keep in your pocket as a reminder…

F.R.O.G. = Fully Rely On God.

Keep rockin’ (R.O.C.K. -Rely On Christ Kid), beetle

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