Sail On

(“Sail On” by The Imperials)

The Capt. of the ship announced that a storm was developing out in the Atlantic but it was still further East from where they were heading. The passengers were relieved and went about their daily activities. Then the Capt. contnued with a warning many wouldn’t really “hear” until later…

“Although we are not heading directly into the storm we are still going to feel some of the effects of it as we travel the same ocean that contains it. You will need to brace yourself but be aware and rest assure that I will still get us to our final destination. Thank you.”

Sometimes, as we are cruising through life, we encounter storms head on. They engulf and surround us, perhaps even cause us to capsize.

Sometimes we sail directly into a storm even when we could have been navigated around it.

Sometimes there are just storms around us that don’t hit us directly but we still feel the effects.

Regardless, we can sing with confidence, “Let The Wind Blow” because we know the Captain of our ship and His vessel we are in will get us through it all.

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In Christ, Beetle

2 thoughts on “Sail On

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