For the shortest version with just verses & pictures go to :Short Romans Puzzle.

Video of me doing Romans Puzzle with my 3 younger daughters at bottom.

Here is the link to Romans Puzzle (Maturity Check) <-that gives a lengthy background to this post, a deeper look and explaination.
Here I want to keep this as short, to the point and as descriptive as possible.

The big reveal is at the end but in order to illustrate how to deliver this message I have to reveal that secret now.


  1. Start with a huge jigsaw puzzle of Christ. (All those small pieces put together form His image).
  2. Seal it with puzzle glue so you can flip it over and write on the back (blank cardboard).
  3. With pencil divide up 4 equal portions on this blank side of the puzzle.
  4. Using a thick dark marker and really large lettering  on the bottom right side/corner section write:



(Here I have it printed on the side with that part of the picture)

In the bottom left section write :



(Again, here I have it printed on the same side as that part of the larger picture)

On the top right section write:



(Here printed on pic. side but, if printed on the back, the larger picture won’t be given away until turned over)

On the top left section write:



(Here we see it on that last section of larger picture)

When completed & joined together it will form the whole picture:


Now for the next few steps to set this up-

  1. Use an exactoknife to cut out those 4 sections you marked out with pencil. Cut out each section in the shape of a large puzzle piece so that each of the 4 larger pieces will fit together at the end.
  2. Once you have 4 large puzzle pieces (each with a different Chapt. of Romans written on it. Hide those pieces in 4 different corners of your chapel or room you are using for this message.
  3. Set up a large easel at the front which will hold each larger piece at the end.


Background music (see note below) is always a good idea. While you are speaking and walking around looking for each section you may have music that keeps them engaged. (consider who your crowd is). Cinematic music like “Indiana Jones” or other suspenseful music is great but for a younger crowd you may use instrumental dub-step or techno music.

  1. As you go on your search around the room discuss how you are looking at Romans Chapter 5 and how it paints a picture and shows us “the dilemma” we are in…Through one man’s disobedience (Adam) sin came into the world & we are still, to this day,  suffering because we have all been born from that same seed. It is in our very nature & make up to sin. Once that piece is found (you obviously knew where it was all along) you bring it up and place it on the stand/easel. (Do not reveal that the other side is part of the picture of Christ)
  2. Then as you go on looking for the next puzzel peice that has Ro. 6 on it you explain how the “Wages of the Dilemma” are death. Upon finding it you place it on the easel up front (connection it to Romans 5 piece) -remember to not show the side that is not written on.
  3. Then you go out for the Ro. 7 piece. Explain how accepting the fact that there is a delimma and that the wages of the delimma are death that means there will be a “Struggle or fight with the dliemma”. When that piece is found you plug it into place with the other pieces. (Again, Do not reveal that the other side is part of the picture of Christ)
  4.  Now you are on the hunt for one final piece, the one that has Ro. 8 written on it and the words “CONQUER THE DILEMMA” as you search you emphasize how Christ is the only one who can solve this puzzle in our lives (the delimma we are in, the wages, he paid for us, the fight is His and finally in Him we are more than conquers! Find and place that final 4th piece (Romans 8) into place. Still not reveal that the other side is part of the picture of Christ lock it in then…
  5. By the end of the message, sermon, Bible study, picnic whatever large or small group setting…literally put all those pieces together so everyone sees how they all fit then once the puzzle is solved and everyone sees Ro. 5, 6, 7, 8, (all 4 pieces connected you can review those 4 points again) you turn it around and reveal on the back is a completely put together picture of CHRIST.
  6. 20180522_092151_film1~21431992634..jpg

Once again, For the shortest version with just verses & pictures go to: Short Romans Puzzle


THANK YOU! (was reply to my son’s [pst

If part of a full meeting time may use song:

and/or song:

I found out that you may not even get into a deep bible study on this as I did in my other post (ROMANS PUZZLE BACKGROUND). There is really no need to go on & on, the main text and visual message may stick with people more than many words.

Note on music choice:
Simply just play some background music, almost any music can be used, what ever style for what ever type group. For a nursing home, you can use “My Way” by Frank Sanatra) For an urban/inner city boys & girls club environment use dub step music or what ever the latest fad is. If teens use what ever the # one song they listen to the most. It doesn’t have to be “Christian” music and as mentioned above it can be cinematic instrumental just for effect.

Go to: Romans Puzzle Background for a more lengthy Bible study on these 4 simple points. (That is scheduled to be published March 21, 2018 -tomorrow)

And for the shortest version with just verses & pictures go to: Short Romans Puzzle

I hope someone finds this helpful & puts it into action. 

If you do, please tell me about how you did it & the effect it had on you and others.


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