I am well aware that many people will not enjoy or understand this particular post and the featured video.

That is okay.

Having watched the video I wanted to be sure to add it to my blog personally because it speaks & touches me.

Many musicians and those who truly appreciate music will watch the whole thing and see intricacies and techniques many would other wise miss.

Without any more commentary…

Watch “Meinl Cymbals – Aric Improta – “Blur-Lights in the Videodrome”” on YouTube


In the description area of the video they noted that before the festival Aric performed this 40 minute solo at he rehearsed it 100 times in a row. He said he wanted to not only commit it to memory but be as prepared as possible for anything that might go on.

I believe musical expression can come from deep within one’s soul. We may not understand or enjoy the taste of some styles of music but that shouldn’t lead us to judging that person’s character and interest.

Music is so much more than just noise and for the person playing it a means of deepest expression.

Here is one more musical piece, also by Aric that I truly enjoy:

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