What Does The Fog Say?

Day 1 of the @YouVersion Plan Depression: A Devotional For The Wounded Spirit. Check it out here:

-this is part of it…

For many, there can often be the misconception that when you find Jesus, you’ll stop feeling bad and life will be pretty. But that’s not reality, is it? Friends and loved ones die. Unjust suffering occurs. Our friends can betray us. Sometimes we’re left in what seems like a never-ending night, perhaps without even an obvious cause.

For a few more thoughts I find helpful go to: The Suicide Fog Blog (Where Did This Fog Come From) . 👈this was one of the best illustration for what happens when living with *GAMES OR TRICKS GOING ON IN OUR MIND…such as Bi-polar disorder and how to cope.

*Our bodies are complex organisms.

  • The physical side seems obvious. We feel pain, aches, soarness, bruises even a paper-cut gets our attention.
  • The mental side is harder to understand. Some how chemicals in our brain can cause us to not be in touch with reality. There are hundreds of issues we can deal with and the best psyc. Doctors in the world are still striving to learn more about that side of us.
  • The Spiritual side (our hearts/souls/inner being) is also part of who we are, what convicts, drives, motivates us.

This blog & my personal written journals help me look at how things really are, not just how I think they may be.

One last link on this: 3 Things To Do While In The Fog

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