Music by “Barricade” personal journal

What can I say…what can I play is a better question with a much better answer.

Back in 1980 three friends met in middle school and shared their love for music. As pre-teens they not only played their favorite records (vinyls) & cassette tapes, even a few 8Tracks, they actually got together and used musical instruments to play, or at least attempt to, make music.

After high school we seemed to see each other and reunite from time to time when fate and schedules would allowed. It was random and yet perfect timing time after time with too many years in between.

Although the gaps of time were 10 year intervals apart it was as if no time was lost and we still had a bond through music.

That was part of the inspiration for these songs, orchestrated by Tom Barrick in 2005.

I recall him moving all his recording equipment into the bedroom that was soon to be made into a nursery for my new born daughter, Olivia Bailey.

He printed out the drum parts and I worked like crazy trying to read them note for note.

We began the long tedious efforts of recording but never completed things. What you are hearing here is the orchestration Tom Barrick (Scott) recorded onto C.D.

I miss that old friend & often wonder where he is today. I’m transfering that C.D. here to try and preserve it.

The dreams of forming a working band, named “Barricade”(Barrick Aide) or something to that effect is now lost forever; however, the memories & music live on (not for public viewing or listening). Had fate allowed perhaps those 3 friends would have been a joint effort, “Barrick, Bailey & Angel”.

This recording is transferred from the only C.D. I have that Barrick originally recorded. He wanted to name the project Diversion, that’s exactly what it was, a diversion from day in day out life, giving, providing, a chance to escape by the means of art expressing and experiment with musical talents.

With all props & credit due, here is to you my forever friends,

-Tom Beetle Bailey (drums & percussion)

With honor and memories of Thomas Scott Barrick (composer, guitar, guitar synthesizer, drum programing, recording engineering, over all production and awesomeness) and

Close friend Greg Angel (Bassist)

Test recording:

track 1 take 1

Track #1 take 2

“Yack” #2



Tom got in touch with me & played this for me, let me develop the drum parts & took what Greg Angel did back in 1990 ….put it all together & laid it onto a C.D.

Great memories.

Not sure if it will upload or download or whatever but this is more for me to treasure than anything else.



There were 18 tracks on the c.d. none of them completely finished and this one you can hear the drums cut out, restart & cut out. Take after take & Tom Barrick looking for perfection I wasn’t sure if we’d ever get it done, even if we had the time


#6 experiment


#5 is alive

#14 was the one Barrick took from an old impromptu jam with me & Greg Angel

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