Waiting For The Aliens (by Barnabas)

In 1983 there was a Christian Metal Band who really grabbed my attention.

This song is one look at the end times. The Bible gives us plenty of information but until it happens we won’t know all the details;

one thing that is for sure

Although we don’t know when we can be sure it will take place.

At the bottom I’ll put a link to another post I’ve done on Bible verses to know before we are “LEFT BEHIND” & a video of DcTalk doing Larry Norman’s song “I Wish We’d ALL Been Ready”

For now, here is the Christian classic rock/Metal band Barnabas (lyrics under video):


Seen it on my tv for the past couple nights
Freaky, but it seems to be true
Captured earthlings vanish in a flicker of light
And there’s nothing that the air force can do

The guys at work all say that its a message from space
An omen of the good things to come
An interstellar rescue for whats left of the race
Now that the troublemakers are gone

Its gonna be alright
They say its gonna be alright
That born-again buffoonery has been dealt with at last
And now we’re one big happy family again

Sightings are abounding, so we know that they’re here
To help us chart a new destiny
They’ve done away with Jesus and that hellfire fear
So we can get loose and be free
They’re burning all the bibles ’cause it’s cheap energy

They’re turning all the churches to bars
No more silly fables or religious debris
We know our masters come from the stars

Seen it on my tv for the last couple weeks
Freaky, but it seems to be true
Everything sounds rosy when the new order speaks
Informing us of what we must do
So we’re waiting for the aliens with our hearts open wide
Clinging to their every command
They say they’re coming soon, so we should trust the new guy
Who wants to put that mark on our hand

Left Behind? 👈 click that for a Scripture Picture…Let this be a small guide to encourage you to read the Bible re: the future, end times, gathering of the saints (believers) and Christ’s second coming.

DcTalk “Wish We’d All Been Ready”

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