The Future

Some times I really think about what some call “The Rapture” (gathering of the saints or believers, when those in Christ are taken away from earth – 1st Thess. 4:16-17), the end times, The 2nd Coming of Christ, and things that are yet to come.

The Bible gives a lot of information and prophecies but; just as the 1st coming of Jesus Christ was misunderstood by so many when it happened, I think that His 2nd coming and other things that are going to happen before, during and after may be misunderstood.

It wasn’t until I was in seminary that I realized the rapture (gathering of the believers or saints) was separate from the 2nd coming. Then, and now, I am not even sure if it will be separate.

We can read for ourselves and listen to theories, theology and plenty of teaching on all this but until it happens we won’t clearly know.

That is okay and definitely acceptable. Somethings we just aren’t supposed to know, that is where faith comes in.

One thing is for sure, that we love & trust Christ to truly be our Lord, be His bride & be ready for that wedding day between us and Him whether we are alive physically or not when it all happens.

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That is a post filled with Bible verse regarding all these matters.

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Song also done by DcTalk.

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